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The Impact of Web Based Cancer Information on Patient Outcomes - Article Example

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This essay describes the impact of web-based cancer information on patient outcomes. The modern patient is more learned than one from the previous generation, primarily due to the tremendous development of information and communication technology…
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The Impact of Web Based Cancer Information on Patient Outcomes
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Download file to see previous pages There is a plethora of information available online on almost every known cancerous condition and the patients are aware about the treatment modalities available both in the modern western system of medicine as well in alternate systems of therapy. Self-help groups, blogs, renowned hospitals, pharmaceutical and disease-specific organizations besides the government healthcare departments and international healthcare authorities like the WHO (World Health Organization) offer the latest information on their websites which is accessible to the patient at all times. The latest research and development (R&D) findings are continuously updated to keep the data current. Due to this information and communication explosion, the patient has become more enlightened and is now fully aware of the implications of compliance with the recommended healthcare guidelines. Patient outcomes, therefore, stand to improve tremendously in the coming years as more progress is made in this direction. Studies on the impact that ICT has made on patient outcomes have been vigorously pursued in the recent past and research and analysis show that it has had a deep and permanent effect on the practice of modern medicine. The growth of the evidence-based practice, immaculate record keeping and vigorous follow-ups after treatment have improved the administration of healthcare protocols and yielded better results in patients. Increased use of patient interactive software has allowed the physicians to identify and know their patients in a better manner and this has resulted in ensuring better patient compliance. The overall effects have been positive in nature and the level of satisfaction has increased for both the patient as well as the healthcare professional. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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