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Increasing Efficiency and Enhancing Value in Health Care - Admission/Application Essay Example

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This paper highlights that in today’s healthcare industries, there is growing concern over spending both during difficult economic conditions and during periods where the costs of providing health services continue to increase at the supply chain level. …
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Increasing Efficiency and Enhancing Value in Health Care
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Download file to see previous pages In the healthcare industry, there is considerable focus on improving quality, both in the actual service delivery and related to how organizational staff interacts with variinteractsents or consumers. Quality improvement (QI) efforts are usually created with the idea of improving consumer satisfaction, reducing costs by reorganizing the health care environment, or even the integration of various enhanced technologies to improve response times or simply enhance the overall service function.
The issue for today’s health care industries is that quality improvement objectives typically come with added costs, therefore the improvement of service delivery might create a strain on working budgets. From a cost/benefit perspective, internal improvement efforts may not provide the desired organizational benefit without excess expenditures, something that a health care provider cannot afford in difficult and uncertain economic conditions. How, then, should a business implement a quality improvement campaign while still recognizing opportunities for
Liability and risk are two major concepts in the health care industry today, dealing with issues from patient-generated lawsuits to even employee grievances which cost the health care industry on an annual basis. “Risk management in health care is more than just managing liability and avoiding lawsuits, it is about understanding the whole continuum of care and focusing on performance improvement”. This suggests that quality improvements, from a risk perspective, involve performing an internal analysis of the organization and then assessing how processes and policies impact the external stakeholder as well. Issues of human resources, organizational structure, service process, and even service accuracy should be addressed as part of this QI focus. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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