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Embryonic Stem Cells - Research Paper Example

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This essay "Embryonic Stem Cells" examines just a little of the science which backs up the claim that there is so much more we could know about and do with stem cells, which would help millions of people who suffer from chronic diseases lead longer, more comfortable lives…
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Embryonic Stem Cells
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Extract of sample "Embryonic Stem Cells"

Download file to see previous pages It is evidently clear from the discussion that there is enough potential good in stem cell research that a well-thought, moral person can take a position in the debate, balancing science on the one hand and a strong belief in social justice and the sanctity of human life on the other hand. The answer to the debate is not “either-or,” it is somewhere in the middle. This essay begins with an overview of current stem cell research, where stem cells are derived from, and the usefulness of embryonic stem cell lines derived from discarded in vitro fertilization patients. This is followed by a discussion of scientists’ viewpoints on potentiality and actuality of stem cells, which is where the main part of the moral debate lies. This essay purposely avoids discussions of religion and politics but instead attempts to show that even someone with a strong religious tradition and conservative political beliefs can uncover an ethical compromise that serves the greater good. According to Marshak, Gardner, and Gottlieb and the National Institutes of Health, there are several sources of stem cells. Mouse stem cells have been studied by scientists since the early 1980s, and form much of the background of information we have about how stem cells function and their uses. Scientists have also studied rhesus monkey and common marmoset stem cells. None of these non-human cells are suitable for actual use in humans. Umbilical cord blood is also useful to some extent; cord blood can be stored in banks and is typically used by the person who donated it. Adult human stem cells can be taken from an individual, coaxed into becoming another type of cell, and re-transplanted back into the body. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Embryonic Stem Cells Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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Embryonic stem cells

...? Embryonic Stem Cells Embryonic Stem Cells According to Starr et al , Stem cells are self-renewing in nature (Starr et al., p.449). Stemcells are usually classified into two groups; embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells. As the name indicates, embryonic stem cells form soon after fertilization whereas adult stem cells form during adulthood. It should be noted that fertilization stimulates the process of cell...
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Embryonic Stem Cells Research

...? Embryonic Stem Cell Research June 16, Stem cell research is an issue that came to light in late 1998 following the isolation of the first human embryonic stem cells (Advancing Science, serving Society, 2011, Para. 1). The research is conducted on the basis of the fact that stem cells can differentiate to be any human cell ranging from blood cells to skin cells (Advancing Science, serving Society, 2011, Para. 1). As a result, the research is geared towards using stem cells to repair...
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Embryonic stem cells

...? Embryonic Stem Cells Introduction Ever since medical science has known about stem cells and its peculiar property of self-renewal, it has generateda great hope in providing treatment and permanent solution to the patients that suffer from some of the genetic diseases such as type I diabetes, Parkinson, multiple sclerosis, stroke, spinal cord lesions and numerous other diseases. Human embryonic stem cells (hES) can generate pancreas, liver, cardiac, neural cells in tissue culture or through other technique and can be of immense help for therapeutic purposes; however, the moot question is...
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The Impact of Embryonic Stem Cells on Regenerative Medicine

...The Impact of Embryonic Stem Cells on Regenerative Medicine The new millennium has come along with it new developed in biomedical science. Since the human genome series was completed, it saw an advanced drug discoveries being manufactured and micro-assortments technology to measure millions of genes in single a research. This according to me has lead to successful harvesting of human embryonic stem cell. These cells have unrestricted ability. Hence I strongly believe this may possibly permit permanent repair of failing organs by injecting healthy cells produced from human embryonic...
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Stem Cells

.... Besides, stem cells can perform the role of a repair system within human body. Within this scenario, Embryonic Stem Cells are generally used for regenerative medical purposes. On the other side, Adult Stem Cells are helpful for the treatment of deadly diseases generally noticed among human beings. The Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells are used for research purposes, aiming to develop proper medication for deadly diseases. So, one can see that the scientific research related to stem cells can solve some of the health problems faced by human beings in...
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Should Human Embryonic Stem Cells be used in Scientific Research

...Should Human Embryonic Stem Cells be used in Scientific Research Introduction Recent advances in medical sciencehave prompted new questions about medical ethics which are all but impossible to resolve. From debating the use of animals in medical science, we have now moved to debating the use of human fetuses. This essay will discuss four arguments on the ethics of using aborted human fetal cells in stem cell research: opposition on religious grounds, the question of whether or not using fetal tissue constitutes murder of the fetus, opposition on the grounds that human life is sacred and should not be exploited for experimental purposes,...
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Stem Cells

...RESEARCH REPORT SUMMARY OF INFORMATION Stem cell research originated at the of Toronto in 1960. Stem cells are basically the progenitorcells from which all the different organs and tissues or our bodies arise. These cells, on further differentiation and development, form, repair and regenerate all the tissues of our body. These cells are present in rich supply in the embryo, in which they differentiate along different lines to form the different organ systems. In the adult their role is to repair and replenish the tissues that are damaged by wear and tear. Methods to elucidate human stem cells did not emerge until 1998. Nowadays scientists are working with three types of stem cells: Embryonic stem cells Adult stem cells Induced... are in...
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Adult and embryonic stem cells-2

...Adult and embryonic stem cells-2 I. Impact of religion and ethics on regulations related to stem cell research A general view of religious beliefs associated with stem cell research: Impact of religious beliefs on stem cell research has been very different in various parts of the world. In some places this impact has caused homogeneous regulatory approach giving rise to a comprehensive regulatory system which considers religious, moral and ethical dilemmas besides societal, commercial, academic and economic benefits; for example, United Kingdom and Japan. On the other hand, this has...
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Embryonic cells

...Embryonic Cells The medical technological advancement in the field of embryonic stem cell research for therapeutic purposes has stirred up hot debate not only a national level but on a global level as well. I am very sure that not all of us will agree with the fact that the medical advancement using stem cells research is perhaps the zenith of medical research and a boon for human health. However, humans often tend to make the most important decisions and adopt wrong notions without gaining detailed knowledge about something. What are embryonic stem cells and...
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Stem Cells

...that when stem cells can be induced to become specific organ specific cells or became a tissue with special functions (US Department of Health and Human Services, 2002). Stem cells play a critical role in some organs like the bone marrow and the gut whereby they divide regularity to replace damaged or worn out tissues. There are two major kinds of stem cells. They include embryonic stem cells and somatic or adult stem cells. Stem cells are important for any living organisms in many ways (US Department...
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