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Japanese Healthcare as the Lowest in Terms of National Expenditure Among the Industrialized Nations - Research Paper Example

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This paper aims to explore the differences between healthcare in Japan and the United States in terms of cost, quality and standards. This paper further looks at the factors that contribute to the higher quality of the standard of health care in Japan as apparent in the higher life expectancy…
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Japanese Healthcare as the Lowest in Terms of National Expenditure Among the Industrialized Nations
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Extract of sample "Japanese Healthcare as the Lowest in Terms of National Expenditure Among the Industrialized Nations"

Download file to see previous pages One of the factors that many health experts in the United States regard as a reason for the lower costs of medical care in Japan is the people's health consciousness which is inherent in the Japanese culture. This health consciousness is apparent in the country's norms, i.e. the typical Japanese diet as well as norms as regards health practices. While the Japanese diet has been criticized for being high in sodium content, the typical Japanese diet is comprised mainly of vegetables and lean meat which has enabled the whole population from suffering the diseases that are brought by obesity which is apparent in many Americans. As according to Campbell and Ikegami, while the fad toward a more health-conscious society has been given much emphasis in the US over the years, in Japan healthier food is part of the daily diet which is a contributor to the lower cost of medical spending in the country (1998). Apart from the diet, the Japanese are known to be more proactive in protecting and maintaining their health. The Japanese are known to act on their health problems at the first sign of a disease; the idea of disease prevention is ingrained in their cultures which has helped curb down the costs of subsequent medical procedures has the disease not been detected in its earliest stage. According to Campbell and Ikegami, this trait of the Japanese people has even been coined in an 'unfriendly term' which is being hypochondriac (1998). Another societal factor that has been considered to contribute to the lower cost of Japanese healthcare are the environmental conditions in the country. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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