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Appraisal of the Work's Reviews about Medicine - Literature review Example

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This work "Appraisal of the Work's Reviews about Medicine" describes mechanical ventilation for lung injury. The author outlines relevant studies for these works, taking into account their quality, results of these reviews. From this work, it is clear about the right way of appraisal these works and appropriate studies for students. …
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Appraisal of the Works Reviews about Medicine
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Extract of sample "Appraisal of the Work's Reviews about Medicine"

Download file to see previous pages The authors have referred to appropriate and adequate works. The author referred to an explicit range of databases and periodicals. A wide period range was covered as literature review was done of proceedings of the Society or Pediatric Research from 1990 to May 2006.No language restrictions were set as the author referred to the translated version of one trial published in German (Schrod 1993) as well. References of included studies were also reviewed. The literature review also included Grey literature identified by hand searching the proceedings the Society for Pediatric Research Conference published from 1990 to May 2006.
The relevance of the studies included was partial. The standard search strategy of the Cochrane Neonatal Review Group, as outlined in The Cochrane Library, was used and combined with MeSH search terms which covered all strata of the study. The databases searched were also of medical relevance. The reference included studies with relative factors on differential populations. For example, the authors had referred to studies on other populations. Several studies in adults and children on MV, mainly for acute respiratory failure (ARF) and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) (Piehl 1976; Douglas 1977; Fridrich 1996; Chatte 1997; Curley 2000; Gattinoni 2001) were referred to avoid the risk of bias. Reference to other studies in newborn infants not needing assisted ventilation found some benefit of positions other than the traditional supine position, especially the prone position (Schwartz 1975; Martin 1979; Kishan 1981) also were of relevance.
However, the parameters in the referred studies were nonparallel which resulted in the cross over design of the study. The relevance of the data stands in doubt as the method of allocation was not stated in all the references excluding the study by Chang 2002. The allocation concealment was also not adequate in the majority of the studies. The binding of the intervention was also not possible in any of the studies due to the critical effect of the population. Moreover, the standards of the study also differed in between the study in most of the studies referred to.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Appraisal of the Work's Reviews about Medicine Literature review, n.d.)
Appraisal of the Work's Reviews about Medicine Literature review.
(Appraisal of the Work'S Reviews about Medicine Literature Review)
Appraisal of the Work'S Reviews about Medicine Literature Review.
“Appraisal of the Work'S Reviews about Medicine Literature Review”.
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