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Healthy Body Weight - Coursework Example

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The present paper "Healthy Body Weight" points out that Body Mass Index (BMI) can best be described as your total weight. Reportedly, the Weight for Height Table gives an average range of pounds based on gender. Lean Body Mass includes muscle, bone, and non-fat body tissue…
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Healthy Body Weight
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Download file to see previous pages Nowadays, however, in regards to weight loss diets, this chemical reaction can be seen as both a hindrance and a help; as a hindrance, the chemical reaction can cause a chemical imbalance, which makes a person feel good about how much weight they have lost. As a help, it can alert a person when they have lost too much weight.
37. Three of the six components of a Wellness Model for healthy long-term weight management is social, physical, and emotional. The social portion of a Wellness Model includes being comfortable with and liking yourself as the person that you are. It involves you interacting easily with other people, regardless of any obvious or physical differences. The physical component of a Wellness Model involves eating properly and exercising regularly, but not obsessively. Tending to stress by relaxing and taking time off helps to keep your body healthy and you happy. The emotional aspect of the Wellness Model is about keeping a positive attitude about yourself and the direction that your life is going in. It’s about being sensitive to your own feelings, as well as to the feelings of others.
All of these can aid in long-term weight management in the sense that it can center your thoughts and emotions regarding what you are doing. It prepares you for what you need to do and what it will take to stay in control of your weight. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Healthy Body Weight Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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