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Family Presence in an Emergency Setting - Case Study Example

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This paper under the following headline "Family Presence in an Emergency Setting" focuses on the fact that the option of family presence in emergency settings such as invasive procedures and cardiopulmonary resuscitation is allowed in a number of emergency departments.  …
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Family Presence in an Emergency Setting
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Extract of sample "Family Presence in an Emergency Setting"

Download file to see previous pages The family members who have their loved ones in emergency particularly in a setting of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, express the need for their presence and point it out as a right and as something that is of great importance for the patients and for them (York,2004; Eppich & Arnold, 2003). 
“The needs of family members of critically ill patients have well established: the need for information, the need for reassurance and support, and the need to be near the patient” (Meyers et al, 2000 as cited in Henneman & Cardin 2002)

Yet today there is a tendency for moving from patient-centred model to a family-centred one where family involvement in caregiving is being considered seriously by the health care professionals (Henneman & Cardin 2002). But the formalization of a family presence beside critically ill patients does not seem to be a straightforward procedure as it may be associated with a number of difficulties. For nurses, to be in the difficult position of making the decision at a time of crisis, it is not easy and it adds to the stresses of such emergency situations. On the other hand, family members deprived of being beside their loved ones at the last moments can be emotionally stressful and result in a confrontation with the healthcare staff.

“Providing family-centred care is not a simple endeavour. Our experience indicates that units that are successful in adopting a family-centred approach typically have characteristics such as strong leaders, a caring staff, and the support of a committed multidisciplinary team. Promoting a family-centred environment takes time and patience. Members of the team who may be resistant to a change to family-centred care typically have very real concerns that are based on their underlying beliefs and attitudes. For example, research suggests that nurses may view visitors as physiologically stressful to patients and thus will try to restrict visitation in order to protect patients (Kirchhoff et al, 1993 as cited in Henneman & Cardin 2002)  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Family Presence in an Emergency Setting Case Study.
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Family Presence in an Emergency Setting Case Study.
“Family Presence in an Emergency Setting Case Study”.
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