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CAM is also known as a complementary and alternative medicine is a group of practices that are not part of medicine (Eng, Verhoef, Mulkins & Findlay, 2003). There are special laws that guide the CAM practitioners pass the qualifications to deal with the public. Professionals set…
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CAM Practioners
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CAM practitioners al Affiliation) CAM is also known as a complementary and alternative medicine is a group of practices that are not part of medicine (Eng, Verhoef, Mulkins & Findlay, 2003). There are special laws that guide the CAM practitioners pass the qualifications to deal with the public. Professionals set the laws, but they are no statutory regulations guiding CAM practice (Stone, 2005). I made a trip to my nearest hospital to get a reference to the best CAM practitioners. The process to get the interview was hectic because to get to the right CAM is difficult. I realize it is because most of the people working in hospitals have a lot of work.
The first attempt I made to contact a CAM is successful, and Simon Brad for to an interview. The CAM agrees to let me observe him while he is doing his work. He is a traditional alternative medicine practitioner specializing in acupuncture. Brad argues that there are situations where normal medicine does not offer solutions to patients. The patients end up seeking for alternative methods to get well. He agrees to carry out a massage on the legs of a patient while in the interview. Brad has a tight schedule; he can spare an hour of his time. He says most hospitals have policies on the extent to which their patients can rely on CAM practitioners. About having policies, the hospitals refer their patients to specific CAM practitioners.
Brad argues that he has a fifteen-year experience in the field. He can work with other individuals with specific needs. He gives an example that a patient with glaucoma should not try specific yoga poses because it will affect them. He says that he is always willing to with normal hospitals if they can cooperate with him. He finds it hard to work orthodox hospitals because they always undermine his knowledge (Ben-Arye et al., 2010).
Ben-Arye, E., Traube, Z., Schachter, L., Haimi, M., Levy, M., Schiff, E., & Lev, E. (2010). Integrative Pediatric Care: Parents Attitudes Toward Communication of Physicians and CAM Practitioners. PEDIATRICS, 127(1), e84-e95. doi:10.1542/peds.2010-1286
Eng, J., Verhoef, M., Mulkins, A., & Findlay, B. (2003). Optimal healing from the CAM practitioners’ perspective. Focus On Alternative And Complementary Therapies, 8(4), 495-496. doi:10.1111/j.2042-7166.2003.tb04001.x
Stone, J. (2005). Regulation of CAM practitioners: reflecting on the last 10 years. Complementary Therapies In Clinical Practice, 11(1), 5-10. doi:10.1016/j.ctcp.2004.12.001 Read More
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CAM Practioners Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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