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Homeopathy - Essay Example

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Health and well-being are important aspects in the life of every human being. Many people go through various efforts to stay fit and ensure good health and longevity. These practices may include rigorous physical fitness training, stress management procedures, special diets, or the intake of vitamins and other supplemental minerals…
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Extract of sample "Homeopathy"

Download file to see previous pages Conventional medicine is the system being practiced by medical degree holders such as medical doctors and the medical practitioners who work with registered nurses, therapists, and psychologists. It is also referred to as mainstream medicine, or "regular" medicine. Complementary medicine, when practiced alone, is used along with conventional medicine to supplement the latter. An example of complementary medicine is the intake of plant extracts and juices believed to have extraordinary therapeutic effects to supplement conventional medicine. The use of alternative medicine, on the other hand, most of the time replaces conventional medicine. For example, a cancer patient may choose to engage in a series of practices including diets and supplements instead of going through the methods of conventional medicine which may include surgery and chemotherapy. Integrative medicine is defined as a practice that "combines mainstream medical therapies and CAM therapies for which there is some high-quality scientific evidence of safety and effectiveness" (NCCAM 2006). For some, the combination of mainstream medical therapies and CAM therapies is best than depending on a single ttype of therapy. Lastly, Complementary and alternative medicine, or CAM, is "a group of diverse medical and health care systems, practices, and products that are not presently considered to be part of conventional medicine" (NCCAM 2006). It is a movement that is seeking ways to treat illness with minimal disruption of the internal environment of the body.
A more organized and established example of alternative medicine is the practice of homeopathy. This form of alternative healing, which dates back to 200 years ago, uses a different approach in diagnosing and treating medical conditions. It is primarily based on the Law of Similars which promotes curing "like with like" which means that "small, highly weak & diluted quantities of medicinal substances is given to treat symptoms, but when the same substances are given at higher or more concentrated doses would actually cause those symptoms in patient" (Weiner & Goss 6). Homeopathy is one among the many approaches to complementary and alternative healing. Its increasing popularity over time and its worldwide success indicate that like most approaches to health care, it should be chosen with considerable care, and considered only as an alternative should other approaches to healing such as "conventional medicine" have proven unsuccessful.
There are however some doubts on the usefulness and affectivity of the practice of homeopathy. The modern medical practice as we know it is well founded on scientific studies and proofs. There is a growing trend in modern society to seek natural healing treatment for various illnesses that plague mankind. Homeopathy, despite considered to be unscientific by some, is one of those CAM that society is willing to try. The main reason is the that modern medicine, which is based on pharmaceutical products, do not address all the concerns of the ailing public.
People want more preventive and natural remedies and don't want to become human experiments for pharmaceutical drugs. Most pharmaceutical products have harmful side effects, sad to say, some of these side effects ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Homeopathy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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...ulations: "like cures like" (NCCAM, 2013)—the thought that an illness could be cured by a substance that transforms comparable indications in healthy individuals; and “law of minimum dose " (NCCAM, 2013) —the idea that the bring down the dosage of the medicine, the more stupendous its adequacy. Numerous homeopathic cures are diluted to the point that no atoms of the first substance remain. Homeopathic cures are determined from substances that hail from plants, minerals, or creatures, for example, red onion, arnica (mountain herb), smashed entire honey bees, white arsenic, poison ivy, belladonna (deadly nightshade), and stinging bramble. Homeopathy in USA At the turn of the century there were in excess of 20 homeopathic restorative...
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... used homeopathic remedies with a high success rate. With its ability to treat indigestion, allergies, food poisoning and fevers, it was the most appropriate solution in my case. According to the British Homeopathic Association, a website created to help patient access information on homeopathy; it documents a series of several success stories of patients who used Arsenicum album and were cured, with a long list under those that were suffering from alimentary system disorders (Gibson). Although Arsenicum Album has been found to be poisonous in some cases, appropriate use with guidance from a homeopath, has shown greater success in its use. Various scientists such as Andrea Gescher have been skeptical on the effectiveness of Arsenicum Album...
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... that the placebo effect in homeopathy is not more than the placebo effect in conventional medicine. To illustrate, Nuhn et al (2010) conducted a systematic literature review on placebo-controlled double blind RCTs on classical homeopathy. Each of those trials was then compared with three placebo-controlled double-blind RCTs from conventional medicine. The matching criteria included were the choice of outcome parameter, treatment duration, and the severity of complaints (ibid). The study took into account 35 RCTs on classical homeopathy and compared with matching conventional trials. The study made the stunning revelation that the placebo effect of homeopathic trials was larger than the average placebo effect of conventional medicine in 13...
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.... Alternative medical system such as homeopathy and naturopathy emphasizes on therapies that entail an entire system of health care and focuses more on the balance between massages, herbal medicine and acupuncture. An example is the Chinese medicine. Homeopathy advocates for use of small doses of a substance that causes an illness when used in large doses. Naturopathy applies several therapies such as spinal manipulation, acupuncture, counseling, herbal remedies and diet to restore the natural healing properties of the body. Biological based interventions’ healing properties are attributed to mega vitamins, special diet therapies and biological therapies such as been pollen, laetrile and shark cartilage...
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