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Blood Pressure Programme for African-Caribbean - Essay Example

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High blood pressure is a common serious disease in the UK. The following paper is a plan for a health education programme concerning high blood pressure, to be held in Fulham Catholic Church for African-Caribbeans using Beattie’s Model of Health Promotion…
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Blood Pressure Programme for African-Caribbean
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Download file to see previous pages Accordingt o the report finndings high blood pressure is a common health challenge in the UK, especially within the African-Caribbean community. As a result, UK residents need to know about this risk and ways they can minimize them to increase lifespans and lower healthcare costs. Researchers Michelle Hubbard, Mark Avis, and Ken Brown conducted a study to acquire an insight of the way health beliefs affect the manner in which the African-Caribbean community suffering from diabetes deal with the disease. Hubbard, Avis, and Brown used one-to-one interviews on subjects from Inner-city Nottingham between 2003 and 2004. The study recorded and analysed a sample of 16 African-Caribbean subjects diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. This research found out that childhood memories from the Caribbean, migration to the UK, and peers and relatives’ experiences with living with diabetes affected study subjects significantly. This effect affected the way the subjects dealt with their diagnoses of diabetes. The subjects’ insight and awareness of diabetes was below average, which possibly caused them to distrust or undervalue treatment and advice from professional medical practitioners. The research deduced that the discovered effects and relationships between memory and experience determine the way African-Caribbean suffers of diabetes deal with the illness. The programme will apply Beattie’s Model of Health Promotion to complete its objectives. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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