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Organ transplant was experimented on animals and humans as early as the 18th century but faced massive failures owing to the lack of current technology, knowledge, and expertise. In 1954, the Dr. Joseph Murray performed a kidney transplant on identical twins allowing for no…
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Download file to see previous pages t patient in the following years through to the 1970’s was poor anti-rejection drugs, which changed by the end of 1970’s when better anti-rejection drugs were developed giving patients up to five years after transplant. The effectiveness of organ transplant improved after that, and its use has augmented over the years. Organ transplantation is referred to as one of the health practices that whose results are often lifesaving. The process involved removal and replacement of a failing or damaged organ in the recipient body and replaced with a fully functioning one (Ethics of Organ Transplantation, 2004). In most occasions, transplantation takes places when the life of the recipient is at stake, and the only hope for survival of the recipient is the replacement of an organ or tissue (Alvaro, Siegel, 2009). Despite its advantages, it is apparent that transplantation has many challenges that may result not only in health complications, but also the loss of life. In relation to this assertion, the paper will expound on the many factors that prevent people from taking part in organ donation. Issues that will be addressed by the paper include the belief that organ donors fail to provide care to their families because of the complications associated with organ donation. In addition, it can cause traumatic disorders, the persistence of donor’s discomfort, in addition to psychological torture experienced after donation of an organ. The heart, lungs, pancreas as well as intestines, kidney and liver are transplantable in humans.
The Canadian Medical Association has a specific policy that guides physicians and health care providers to issues regarding organ donation. Organ donors, as well as prospective organ donors, should be provided with relevant, understandable information related to the decision. Occasionally, this involves informing the donor about the benefits as well as risks of transplantation, procedures associated with the determination of death, and testing of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Transplant Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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