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The Pleasure of Eating by Wendell Berry - Essay Example

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The author of the current essay "The Pleasure of Eating by Wendell Berry" claims that  The Pleasure of Eating is a chapter of the book, What are People for? and written by Wendell Berry in the year 1990 and published by North Point Press. It is a book focusing on human health…
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The Pleasure of Eating by Wendell Berry
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Extract of sample "The Pleasure of Eating by Wendell Berry"

Download file to see previous pages Urban dwellers mostly rely on fast food and processed food because they find it easier and faster. So what is the importance of food and do people eat with pleasure?
People are supposed to rediscover the pleasure of eating as the author claims. Then how is this possible? The question, of finding pleasure in what you eat, is what Berry answers in his book. Berry illustrates the pleasure of eating by empowering consumers to be involved in agriculture and the food they eat. Being an active participant in deciding the kind of food to eat and how it is production takes place makes the consumer more knowledgeable. Knowledge, as we know equals power and freedom of choice as passive consumers do not enjoy the freedom of choosing between healthy foods and unhealthy foods. Eating healthy makes one feel energetic, and end up appreciating food.
Berry’s purpose in his book, Pleasure of Eating is to make the audience find pleasure in eating healthy meals. Most city people are passive participants when it comes to deciding the food they eat. Berry tries to stop this by offering solutions to the consumer on the choice of food they consume. He asks, “ How do you get out of this problem?”, is an illustration to the audience to finding the solution to the unhealthy eating problem. The target audience of the author is the passive, uncritical and dependent person who does not care about food production. Food production has been industrialized, and a few individuals get in contact with the product directly. The patron of the food production thought that it was helping the consumer by making their work easier.
The food production industries have tried so hard to convince consumers that processed food is what they need because it is easier that way. The industries will grow and prepare your food for you and even beg you to eat it. The industries only do this because they are benefiting from it. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Pleasure of Eating by Wendell Berry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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