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Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) - Essay Example

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In the year 2000, the United Nations (UN) marked a significant step towards improvement of the global social environment by establishing the millennium developed goals, popularly referred to as MDGs. Through launching these distinctive goals, the UN sought to improve people’s…
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Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
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Download file to see previous pages cal and measurable approaches, to diminishing poverty around the world, while improving education, health, and other crucial social aspects of people’s lives. Some of the specific goals defined included eradication of extreme poverty and hunger, with the primary aim being to pave way and bolster education for all. Another MDG that is discussed in further detail in this report is the achievement of universal fundamental education. The UN initially set the timeline for achievement of these and other MDGs as a decade and a half, meaning that signatories to the organization were expected to attain stipulated objectives by 2015. Having ushered in 2015, it is imperative to assess whether these MDGs have been achieved and the barriers that have impeded successful implementation in some environments, such as access, quality, cost, and stability in respective nations.
According to a report by UNICEF (2010), countries around the globe were fairly successful in alleviating poverty half a decade earlier than the projected year. The diminished poverty levels were evident from the significant decrease in proportion of people living under the poverty line. For instance, in 2010 about 21% of the populace in developing countries sustained themselves with the minimal 1.25 USD per day or lower. During the 1990s this population percentage was at 43%, showing that it halved by 2010 thus demonstrating significant poverty reduction. More than a billion individuals internationally still live in life-threatening poverty, and many of them experience deprivation and are susceptible to ecological or price shocks. Under nutrition remains one of the most serious global issues but least talked about public health challenges. Nearly one-third of offspring in emerging countries are underfed or diminutive (low height that does not match with age), and under nutrition accounts for one-third of all infant deaths. The World Bank Group is operating with the global community to end life-threatening ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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