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UN Millenium Development GoalsFinal Project - Essay Example

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It was held in the year 2000. All nations attended the summit in which they adopted the United Nations millennium declaration. Around twenty-three international organizations…
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UN Millenium Development GoalsFinal Project
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Download file to see previous pages Criticism which has accompanied the achievement of millennium development goals has taken note of uneven progress, difficulty in measurements of some goals and lack of proper analysis. Some developed countries had achieved more than what was expected of them while some were behind realizing any of the targets intended to achieve the goals. The key goals and targets were outlined so that every individual could have at least the dignity to his right of freedom and the basic standard of living. Various goals and their corresponding targets outlined below have been found to be the key to economic development in the world. The indicators of how progress has been made show the effort and determination of the United Nations to achieve the goals within their specified timeline (United Nations).
Poverty has been a hindrance to economic development. It has brought about the suffering of mankind all over the world. Many people in most developing countries are living in substandard conditions (Snarr and Snarr 25). Eradication of poverty is vital to the development of developing nations, every means has been tried to make sure that the standard for the threshold of poverty which lies at 1.25$ per day has been achieved by most nations. When a large portion of people lives in poor conditions, it becomes difficult for a country to make any huge step in economic development. The provision of jobs to people holds the main key in minimizing the levels of poverty. Through creation of jobs that provide adequate wages, people earn income that enables them to sustain their living. Discrimination of the youth and women in employment spaces provide and increase the levels of poverty in a given country. As a result, the World Bank has come up with various strategies which entail providing zero-interest loans and development grants to countries. The strategies include provision of capital to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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