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For this reason, I consider speaking in English as a stressor. Most of the time, I get nervous and stressed whenever I am called upon to present in class. Personally, I am a very shy person. For some reasons, I do not have the self-confidence to…
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Grammar edit
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English is my second language. For this reason, I consider speaking in English as a stressor. Most of the time, I get nervous and stressed whenever Iam called upon to present in class. Personally, I am a very shy person. For some reasons, I do not have the self-confidence to speak in public. Since my freshmen year in American University, I noticed some improvements in the way I present lectures in class. In fact, becoming aware of my personal weaknesses helped me find better ways on how to effectively manage and improve my ability to speak in English.
One of my worst experiences happened during my freshman days. Together with my group mates, I was forced to present our final project in class. When it was my turn to speak, I felt so nervous. My heart started to beat so fast. Because of my nervousness, I failed to deliver my speech the way I planned to. It also made me forget important facts I was supposed to inform my classmates. Eventually, the only thing that mattered to me is that the presentation has ended so soon.
In another class, I was also required to summarize a book chapter in front of my classmates. Since I was so eager to improve my speaking abilities, I decided to spend a few hours a day practicing what I had to say in front of my classmates. To remove my nervousness in front of so many people, I asked some of my friends to be my audience. I also listened to what my friends would say about the way I speak and act during the presentation. Sometimes, I record my own voice and stand in front of the mirror to check the way I pronounce each word and how I was sending out some non-verbal cues to other people. Since then, I was able to ease and control my anxiety. Gradually, I felt so much confident when being asked to speak in public.
Personally, I consider my zone of optimal functioning as the low zone. When having low levels of anxiety, I tend to become less stressed. Basically, low level of anxiety and nervousness made me perform better. Each time I experience high levels of stress, I tend to perform badly. Read More
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