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The Quality in Healthcare - Essay Example

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The case study talks about a local hospital with an Emergency Department. The problem in this hospital lies in the administration, as it is not properly maintained. So in order to solve this issue, a restructuring needs to be done. The committee identifies several problems…
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The Quality in Healthcare
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Download file to see previous pages The next step that was taken in order to solve the issue was close monitoring of the emergency department. This was done with the intention of improving the quality of care given to the patients. Another thing was to be taken care of was the waiting time of the patients and satisfaction of the patients in relation to the service delivered to them. A benchmark was set up where the timeliness of the treatments and the proportion of return of the patients was to be reported within 72 hours.
Additional staffs were hired for the emergency department so that the patients coming in could be treated properly and taken care of. Triages were moved out to the waiting area in order to identify and move the serious patients faster. This would in return decrease the waiting time for the emergency patients. The registration process was streamlined with help of modern technology such as the installation of wireless computers. This process helped in giving the information of waiting time to the unregistered patients. The staffs were given proper training to take the accurate and timely decisions.
The quality of service plays a major role in any healthcare organization. The patient's health and survival is the ultimate goal for all of them (Dixon-Woods, McNicol & Martin, 2012). The measures that were taken to improve the service were logical because the prime motive was to reduce the patient waiting time and to improve the quality of care. In this respect hiring extra staffs and use of advanced technology helped in the decrease of patient waiting time. In addition, the placement of triages in the waiting area ensured that the serious patients were identified and moved in for treatment faster.
Quality tools help individuals comprehend and enhance forms. There are numerous distinctive tools, and the aptitude of quality experts lies in their capability to take an application from one field or industry. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Quality in Healthcare Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 52.
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