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The paper 'A Child’s Development Process' presents a child’s development process, which is one undergoes numerous developments especially when he or she is a teenager. As a result, they also get to try new exciting experiences, which may be harmful to their bodies…
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A Childs Development Process
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The third group implied by the other two groups is that which consists of those who are younger than the middle age. The pediatrician has to consider the confidence level. Since they belong to that age group, their confidentiality level with the pediatrician would be less clear  Middle age is a critical period of development since adolescents go through cognitive development, pubertal and social growth (Klass, 2008). The maturity level cannot be compared to the eighteen-year-olds hence this poses a challenge. Teenagers exhibit extreme excitement during this phase of their growth and development (Klass, 2008). Parents ought to discuss their children development with them and wit counselors if need be

The balancing act that physicians ought to keep in mind when it comes to children patients involves the level of confidentiality with their patients (Klass, 2008). This will aid in the maintenance of the level of confidence with their patients (Klass, 2008). This act concerns whether to disclose this information to their parents or not  Although these physicians have this balancing act, there are cases they should consider. These incidences may pose a challenge to their balancing act and sway the balance (Klass, 2008). This includes what the level of health risks are, how mature the young person is and how much parental attention they receive  The situation with the teenager drinking from her parent's liquor was disconcerting since she did it by her herself and not social drinking. Despite this, the teenager did not want the information disclosed to her parents. Therefore, she made a confrontation with the physician to attend counseling sessions in exchange for her physician’s confidentiality. It also became troublesome as the pediatrician viewed it as a parent and thought it important for the parent to be aware.  First, Dr.Klass had a session with the seventh-grader, asked him a number of questions and as result concluded that his situation was not severe, and decided to keep his patient’s confidence (Klass, 2008). However, he advised him to alert his parents in case things got out of hand. He also advised him to have consultations with him frequently. Dr. Klaus advised the mother to be on par with her son’s farewell while at school (Klass, 2008).   Dr. Ford simply implied that, as a doctor, one would want to keep the confidence of the patient so he will be confidential with the matter (Klass, 2008). As a mother, however, you would want to know whether your child has some disturbing issues and how they are faring on in every aspect. Losing a patient’s confidence would affect the physician negatively. Read More
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A Childs Development Process Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 594 Words.
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