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Name Institution Date Social Development of a child As widely said, “man is a social animal”. However, worth noting is the fact that the seeds of the social behaviors are always sown in infancy itself. A baby as young as few days old shows a clear social behavior…
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Social Development
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Download file to see previous pages The social development process continues even after the child crosses into adolescence, through the youthful stage to adulthood. This means that social development is based described as a process of organizing human activities and energies at higher levels in order to achieve results. It also refers to development of emotional maturity and social skills needed to relate to other people and forge relationships. Often developing the understanding the needs for other people and empathy is also included in social development. For children to develop socially, children must interact with adults and their pears alike in a socially acceptable manner. They need to develop social skills in order for them to be able to fit into various social scenarios and form healthy relationships. Parental interactions are the key building blocks for a healthy social development among children. Through providing lots of love and attention to children, parents bond strongly with their children allowing them to grow in secure, comfortable and socially healthy environment. As a child grows and approaches maturity, his or her language skills becomes better, making social emotional development, as well as social interaction with her or his peers an essential part of his life, as he/she gets involved with the adults and other children around him/her. When the child approaches preschool, friendship increasingly become more vital. During this stage of social development, a child often prefers playing with friends of same sex and begin to form “best friend” relationships with selected peers. Approval and attention of the child’s friends and peers, as well as significant adults become increasingly vital to children of preschool age. At this preschool age, a child becomes more focused on seeking parents and friends’ approval. A child prefer playing with friends or parents or alone. He or she starts showing strong desires for independence and insists on making own preferences and choices in food, clothing, activities and so forth. Most of children at this preschool stage of social development, still require assistance and supervision of their parents in order for them to get necessary supplies or settle arguments. Most of the social development skills are often acquired at this preschool stage as children share, learn and take turns. Social Development in Children Milestones Early years of a life of a child present unique opportunities for a child’s healthy development. Researchers have shown that five years of a child’s life are very important. This are the formative years of a child and are characterized by both negative and positive experiences, which help in shaping a child’s social, cognitive, emotional and behavioral development. Emotional and social development milestones are somewhat harder to specify compared to those of physical development. In this area, the various skills involved include self-control, emotional development, and self-awareness are reflected in a child’s ability to pay attention, empathize, cooperate with others, make smooth transitions from activity A to activity B, and other skills. Studies have shown that social development in the skill of a child are very essential especially in school readiness for children. They also play a significant role in the social integration of a child in school. At 2 years, a child really starts to play interactively with peers. A child experiences real explosion in pretend play, which is the most critical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Social Development Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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