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: Clinical Leadership for Paramedics - Research Proposal Example

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They must make decisive actions each and every day that quite literally mean the difference between life and death. As such, they need to be leaders and be willing make the difficult decisions that are required until they can get patients the…
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Research Proposal: Clinical Leadership for Paramedics
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Download file to see previous pages As with any team-oriented profession, they must also develop skills in resolving conflicts, and be will to invest the time require to mentor new professionals just entering the field. These are not easy tasks and require a comprehensive approach in order to determine the types of leadership qualities that make a paramedic a leader in their profession. This research proposal is designed as a case study and literature review in order to arrive as certain innate qualifications and core competencies that are required for clinical leadership in the field of paramedic service.
The research to be conducted will involve a case study of clinical leadership as it specifically relates to paramedics. Examined will be various aspects of leadership that define a successful healthcare professional working in this particular discipline. This data will be triangulated with the results gathered via an exhaustive search of literature related to this topic to arrive at solid conclusion that can better enable paramedics to develop into clinical leaders within their field. Literature will be gathered from various scholarly medical journals related to clinical leadership, all of which have been peer reviewed. Experts in the field will be contacted and professional associations examine to determine what is perceived to be the best qualifications and core competencies expected of paramedics in the modern era.
While it may seem obvious that effective clinical leaders possess certain qualifications and competencies necessary for the job, it is also important to understand why a detailed discussion of this topic is a worthwhile endeavour. Due to the ever changing nature of the healthcare professions, paramedics in the field must constantly prepare themselves to adapt and grow into their field, while having an eye out for developing certain best practices that serve to help them in performing their duties more effectively. A poor clinical leader can result in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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