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Nutrition sciences - Essay Example

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This report provides a small scale research regarding the dietary intake by university students and the extent to which their dietary intakes are deviating from the Dietary Reference Values (DRV). The research includes primary information obtained from 15 university students for…
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Nutrition sciences
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Download file to see previous pages ly consumption of food and drink by a sample of students and to analyse such dietary intakes into useful information, such as nutrients consumed by each student in the given time frame. Moreover the report is also aimed at critically evaluating the findings obtained through analysis and their comparison with Dietary Reference Values (DRV).
Healthy diet, which has balanced nutrients, among youngsters is a major factor in determining their health conditions in the years to come. It is due to this reason that consuming a certain level of nutrients in each diet an individual takes is essential for a healthy life. Student life is the phase in which every individual experiences changes and variations in life style and consumption patterns on a frequent basis. Such changes and variations are likely to influence their health in the later stages of their lives and develop certain eating habits, which are difficult to be changed afterwards. It is therefore considered pertinent to make youngsters understand about the health benefits of a balanced diet which ensures the supply of necessary nutrients on a daily basis.
In the past, numerous research works have been carried out with the aim of determining the dietary intakes among university and college students. In their study, Kresic, Jovanovic, Zezelj, Cvijanovic & Ivezic (2009) aimed at determining the relationship between the knowledge possessed by students from universities and its impact on their dietary intakes. The researchers found that students who possessed knowledge regarding the optimum and balanced diet were able to ensure a balanced dietary intake in their daily lives as compared to those who lacked such knowledge. The researchers recommended that awareness about nutrition and balanced dietary intakes shall be introduced in universities so as to ensure healthy lifestyles among students (Kresic, et al., 2009).
On the other hand, Soriano, Molto & Manes (2000) carried out a research work to find out dietary intake ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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