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Each day many of us think of changing our bad health habits, so that we can make our lives better and contribute to a healthier living style. Reducing stress level is a personal health behavior that I am targeting to change for…
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Reduce stress in life
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Download file to see previous pages For example, not enough time of the day to deal with personal issues and work; need to find another higher pay job to afford endless bills. In my case, working fulltime while attend school full-time; a baby is on the way at the same time and not to mention I am a first time mum.
However, I do not believe that a stress free life is possible and realistic. Stress is a response to challenges in life that occurred around us and many of these challenges cannot be avoided. As adult, we need to learn to confront the stressful situation, learn to find causes and to escape or cope with the stress around us. Mitigating of stress remains a major concern in every individual and this can only be achieved through the development of new behaviors.
However, breaking from the old habits and adopting best practices remains a major challenge to a number of people due to the comfort that the old offers despite the stress that we face as a result of them. In this paper, shading of old traits as a way of mitigating stress will be discussed in line with a number of psychological theories and application (King, Singh, Bernard Merianos, & Vidourek, 2012).
The management of stress is essential in the development of a normal life and this makes the description of cognitive approaches essential. Stress is considered as an event that has different variables and is influenced by individual’s behaviors and exposures in life. This makes interpretation of fear to differ from one person to another with some viewing the construal of stress and as either positive or negative. Four cognitive factors have been identified to influence fear reception and response in individuals, which ultimately determines their ability to change old habits. Appraisal, retribution, self-efficacy and general stress perception are four cognitive elements essential in the development of stress responses in an individual (Voisin, Stone & Becker, 2013).
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Reduce Stress in Life Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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