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The process was the same as those that we learned in school; but the tasks were modified to make the clinical process and procedures much faster; with less than one hour…
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Office rotation
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My third rotation took place in a private. In this location, my task was to observe the hygienists at work. I was thankful to find a dental office where they allowed students observe the daily clinical operations. The process was the same as those that we learned in school; but the tasks were modified to make the clinical process and procedures much faster; with less than one hour for each appointment.
At the time, I was able to observe and assist the first hygienist. The hygienists used two set of instruments; these can be classified as basic and scalar instruments. The significant aspect of the scalar set was the fact that it only had three instruments. These were the sickle 204s, explorer, and universal. The explorer instruments were used to check around the tissue, the scalar instruments cleaned the subgingival tissues, both posterior and anterior, and the universal instrument cleaned subgingival tissue as well. Then, the hygienist finished with a slow speed polish of all the teeth. The patient was satisfied with the process; because they found their teeth feeling smoother and fresher as compared to prior to the examination. Next, I observed the second hygienist. During this process I noticed she used a different order from what I learned from school. At first, she explored the teeth with the explorer instrument for any issues. Then, she polished all the plaque off from the teeth. At the time, I thought she was finished with the patient; after polishing these teeth. However, she went back, scaled each tooth, and polished again. Polishing first is a useful technique. This is due to the fact that a patient with a lot of plaque can necessarily benefit from the added attention to detail.
This experience will be useful for me to improve my understanding of how the dental office operates. The hygienists were very helpful and explained the operations in the office. In addition, I was able to take the time to interact with the patient and assist if needed. Yet, it must be understood that each and every dental hygienist, and each and every dentist’s office for that matter, operates in a different and unique way. As such, I feel that I am more enthusiastic to adapt to the way I which dental offices will approach the patient and utilize new skills and new techniques. I did not have any negative experiences to add; as I was lucky to have a wonderful office to observe on this rotation. Read More
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