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Infection Control & Work Health and Safety - Assignment Example

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The WHS Act is established on work health and safety responsibilities. The WHS regulations develop on the requirements of WHS act. It has…
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Infection Control & Work Health and Safety
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Download file to see previous pages Codes of practice provide comprehensive information about sections of acts or regulations. It also gives an outline of actions, activities, responsibilities, responses and technical requirements to conditions and measures to be observed within a work place. Therefore, the WHS regulation and codes of practice support activities of the WHS Act. Similarly, the codes of practice support activities of the WHS regulations.
Pertussis is caused by a bacterial microorganism Bordetella pertussis and uses the human body as a reservoir. The bacteria breeds in the respiratory system hence pertussis mostly affects the respiratory tract causing heavy coughing and sneezing to patients. Pertussis spreads through the droplet mode of transmission.
It is caused by viral micro-organisms referred to as rotavirus, Norovirus or Astrovirus. The human body is responsible for providing reservoirs for the viruses. The condition’s portal of exit is through the human gastrointestinal tract and leaves the body through faeces. Acute gastroenteritis spreads via vector transmission.
Hepatitis B is caused by viral micro-organisms referred to as hepadnavirus. The human body provides a reservoir for the survival of the viruses. Microorganisms that cause Hepatitis B reside in the urinary tract and can be caused by pathogens. This condition spreads through direct contact to people with the virus. For example, transmission can be through sexual intercourse.
When conducting clinical therapies, health workers are required to practice set procedures when dealing with spills. It is also necessary to note that spills should be cleaned immediately, and the area disinfected to prevent multiplication of infections. In clinical settings, most spills include body fluids or ought to be treated before disinfection and correct waste disposal techniques applied (WHS Act qtd. in Safe Practices Learning Guide 2012: 21). In managing spills, health workers should observe standard ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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