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Issues of risk - Essay Example

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Ensuring a very healthy environment, both physical and psychological for the children has always been an integral part of the ethics of social work. The social…
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Issues of risk
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Download file to see previous pages At situations where family situations are not found safe for the wellbeing of children, the system plays a very critical role of removing the children from a situation involving risk. The system identifies cases where there is notable risk of neglect or abuse and appropriate interventions are considered. There are other scenarios where such actions are taken which include the disability or illness of the parents leading to their inability to take care of their children. The continued absence of the parents at home also leads to children being taken into care. Cases of deaths of parents, imprisonment etc. are typical examples to such a scenario. These children are taken into care (TCSW, 2012).
The nature of the ‘taking away’ process is also varied according to the requirement. There are cases where parents voluntarily request their children to be taken to care. In some other case they are forcibly taken by law. Most of the cases account to this scenario, For instance, in 2011; around 54% of the reported cases were connected to neglect and abuse (TCSW, 2012). Children who get involved in some criminal activity are sent to care through the youth justice system (TCSW, 2012).
Around 73% of the children are taken care of by foster-carers. A minority of 10% are put up in children’s homes; others are brought up in residential schools (TCSW, 2012). In some cases where potential risk is identified the children are left to live with their parents, however, under strict supervisions by social work professionals.
The process of taking a child into care involves strict adherence involving a formal system of law. For both England and Wales the Children Act of 1989 defines legal regulations and systems for taking children into care. Under the act, every case of taking into care must be preceded by a court order. Children could also be taken into care if parents give legal consent to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Issues of Risk Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 Words.
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