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Proper Patient Record- in Diabetes-Health Informatics topic - Essay Example

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Medical records describe a systematic way of documenting information of all patients in a health institution. Medical records of Diabetic patients should be kept and maintained in the best way…
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Proper Patient Record- in Diabetes-Health Informatics topic
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Download file to see previous pages It also seeks to look at the various effective ways which hospitals and related institutions can store such records. It is important that they keep health records using reliable methods so that they ensure reliability of the data and easy retrieval of the same.
Health informatics deals with ways of storing, retrieving and using information related to health and biomedicine. It has tools that are used in achieving storage and use of the data like computers, information systems and medical terms among others. Health informatics is also known as Health information systems. Areas of application include nursing and in public health. There are international standards that have been set regarding health informatics to ensure a standardized way of medical informatics(Joslin & Kahn 2005). The compiling and maintaining of Diabetes records is the responsibility of health care providers or an officer kept in charge of the duty.
Using computers and technology has been the best way to store data of patients in medicine all over the world. Electronic health records is the most reliable and accurate way of storing data because computers are more accurate than humans. Health institutions do not longer store records of patients manually like before the emergence of technology(Whetton, 2005). Manual records like files have higher risks of having errors due to wrong entry of data unlike the electronic method. It is for this reason that using modern technology in medicine is encouraged. The United States department for health is encouraging health institutions to migrate to the use of electronic means to store data. They are doing so by providing incentives for moving to electronic systems.
It is also important that confidentiality of the information given by patients is maintained in health informatics.Such information is considered ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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