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The paper "Teleological Model of Organizational Change, Healthcare Organizations Strategies" highlights that if people are not healthy, their product capacity decreases which negatively influences the growth of the nation. Thus, current issues must be tackled on priority…
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Teleological Model of Organizational Change, Healthcare Organizations Strategies
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Answer 1
Should modern healthcare organizations focus more on current or future issues? Explain.
The modern healthcare system must focus more on the current issue mainly because of the fast-changing environment that has significantly impacted the efficient delivery of healthcare. Many factors like recessive environment, increasing cost, the commodification of healthcare imperatives like insurance, Medicare, multicultural society, concern for increasing expense on baby boomers etc. have become critical issues that have increased inequality and efficient healthcare delivery. It has also adversely impacted the health of marginalized population (Kawachi et al., 2002). Moreover, the increasing number of uninsured population has become a huge concern as the health of people reflects a healthy economy and development. 
Answer 2 What change theories discussed in this chapter would be ineffective in today’s global environment?
Teleological model of organizational change would be inappropriate in today’s global environment. This change theory focuses on problem-solving, action research and organizational development as a basis of evolution (Brill & Worth, 1997). It is a planned process that is scientifically evaluated for best performance. It does not take into account the environmental changes that motivate changes. The diversity and technology are the two most important external factors that influence the performance and well-being of the people at large.  Read More
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