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Leadership and Organizational Change - Assignment Example

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Every business or organization from time to time reviews its performance and work structure to find out how restructuring or adding to its constitutional aspects can foster its output or performance. The changes it might consider reviewing include technological improvements,…
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Leadership and Organizational Change
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Extract of sample "Leadership and Organizational Change"

Download file to see previous pages The driver in this case is the leader in the topmost organization post who is responsible for the running of all activities (Amagoh, 2008). This leader has to possess and apply styles of leadership that support positive organizational change, and not hinder it. The following text in discussion studies the importance and application of organizational change; highlighting Brunswick Indoor Recreation Group, which underwent the process to come out better, in additional to how a transformative or charismatic style of leadership contributed to the success of the said changes.
Sengupta (2006) defines organizational change is that process through which an organization will optimize its performance, a move geared at achieving its ideal status. The need for the change is to either address a crisis situation or respond to put up with the ever-changing business environment. On another point, though, a progressive leader or manager can trigger organizational change, especially after a transfer or reshuffling of executive powers within an organization. Organizational power can be understood through three theories: the teleological, dialectical, and life-cycle theories. The teleological theory explains that an organizational change, strives to achieve an ideal status via a continuous strategy of setting goals, executing, evaluating, and restructuring to fit the required state. The dialectical theory uses a hypothesis that an organization is a context in society which occasionally encounters opposing values. The life-cycle theory on its part dictates that an organization is an entity which depends on the external environment, the stages through creating, growing, maturing, and declining (Chen, Suen, Lin, & Shieh, 2013).
The Brunswick Indoor Recreation Group is a division unit of the larger Brunswick Corporation, which is based in the United States, a history dating back to 1845. Its headquarters are in Lake Forest, Illinois, in North Chicago. The organization deals with the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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