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Healthcare Finance - Essay Example

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The author of this essay entitled "Healthcare Finance" casts light on the financial problems, namely, proposed hospital lease accounting rules. According to James and Aaron, health care providers may have to change their methods of operations if there are changes in the accounting rules…
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Healthcare Finance
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Extract of sample "Healthcare Finance"

With the onset of accounting leases rule, the financial management department has been able to prepare the balance sheet and maintain financial records without including the lease assets. The financial lease is efficient for health care providers who are still developing and cannot afford sophisticated equipment. The leasing process requires that an outside party undertakes in the process. With the current rule, health care providers can finance the project without involving a third party.
Impact on the health care organization and its financial operations
The financial lease has a positive impact on the organization since the health care provider according to James and Aaron (2012) can grow technologically by leasing medical equipment and machinery which are costly. The lease is also advantageous since it helps health care providers to gain geographically efficient developers, and through the program, finance and get ownership of medical facilities.
The leasing program assists the health care providers reduces the pressure in the operation of the organization. On a negative perspective, the lease program may negatively impact on the leasing process in regard to geographical print and the financial activities (James and Aaron, 2012). This is because the health care executives scrutinize and over- analyzes the operations of the organization. Read More
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(Healthcare Finance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 322 Words - 1)
Healthcare Finance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 322 Words - 1.
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Nevertheless, enhanced technology and efficient administrative supervision have also assured superior quality of the services in the sector, compatible with the international standards, which has further added to the competitive advantages of the US healthcare sector. However, considering the fact that the healthcare cost in the US has surpassed the affordability of a majority of people in the country, who are subsequently motivated to migrate overseas and obtain cheaper but quality medical services. To be noted in this regard, it is this particular aspect that has been considered as the problem in this study.

One Problem With The US Healthcare System Is That The Cost Of Care Is Very Expensive. A Proposal, Do I Think Th...
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