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Alcoholism is becoming a threat to society but mostly in institutions of high learning such as colleges and universities, whereby students take alcohol for pleasure because of peer pressure and other environmental factors…
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Health organizations
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Health Sciences Task: Health Sciences Alcoholism is becoming a threat to society but mostly in s of high learning such as colleges and universities, whereby students take alcohol for pleasure because of peer pressure and other environmental factors.
Alcohol 101+ is an organization that that helps students to desist from taking alcohol in order to live healthy lives. Similarly, it has a dean’s office that displays videos for students to view the implications of uncontrolled drinking. This includes stories told by a Greek student and one student athlete through interactive videos. Additionally, the narration also includes Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and the proceeding repercussions. On that note, first years are the prime targets of helpful information to deter them from peer influence. This is whereby college rules and consequences are introduced in case there is a violation of the rules or regulations. Concerning Greeks, this is an illustration of the various perspectives of the social life that define the life of students in the school (World Health Organization, 2004). Therefore, this initiative begins with proposal from the Greek Leadership Council on three options meant for students. This include activities free of alcohol, blow-out party and responsible hosting. In other words, the section is meant to put more emphasis on values and missions of Greek campus life where discussion on responsible drinking is at the forefront. However, student athletes play other fundamental roles for Alcohol 101 Plus in terms of facing various challenges. For example, celebrity status, maintenance of a social life, time constraints and athletic performance among others.
Therefore, the intention of the segment is to emphasize on positive decision-making, athletic excellence and responsible alcohol use. Alternatively, The Quad section has messages on advising students against irresponsible drinking. These messages are found on the walls of kiosks or a 3-D interactive panorama views. On that account, other significant places with the same message include Student Library and Greek Row among other places of importance. Additionally, Student Union has the provision of popular features in different areas of the university. These include the Game Room, Commuter Board and the Media Center. Another critical place is the Campus Kiosk where there are educational resources with incisive tips to avoid alcohol temptation. For example, there is a phrase such as “Top Ten Ways to Turn a Down a Drink” among others that are available both in Spanish and English. The student library on the other hand is equipped with various materials that include printouts that can be shared between friends (World Health Organization, 2004). Additionally, there are insightful links that lead to materials written both in Spanish and English. However, for offenders caught violating the stipulated rules and regulations such as driving under the influence (DUI) then there is a court of law to try them. On the same prospect, there is a virtual bar that displays how factors such as weight, quantity of food and beverage affect the blood concentration in a human body.
Therefore, more organizations should be formed that help students from degenerating into alcoholism for health reasons. Similarly, organizations that have begun the effort should be supported both financially and socially in order encourage others.
About Alcohol 101+. Retrieved from
World Health Organization. (2004). Global Status Report: Alcohol Policy. New York, NY: World Health Organization. Read More
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