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The Basic Elements of Functional Training - Assignment Example

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The author of the present assignment "The Basic Elements of Functional Training" points out that a postural assessment was conducted on a volunteer. Posture is a highly important consideration as it involves muscle imbalances that can lead to long-term injury…
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The Basic Elements of Functional Training
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Extract of sample "The Basic Elements of Functional Training"

Download file to see previous pages Examining the head, it was clear there was a slight tilt forward. This tilt forward was also evidenced in the shoulders, as they were slumped forward. Additionally, the scapula was then examined. Again this was consistent with the general slouching forward that was evident in the shoulders and the head. One considers that the individual’s job involves him sitting in front of the computer for long periods. There is the recognition that this extended practice could contribute to this generally poor posture in the head and shoulders. This theory was applied to the analysis of the spinal curvature and again it was revealed that there was a general tilt forward; in other positions, this changed to a general slouching. Outside of these posture considerations, the volunteer demonstrated relatively strong posture. In addition to the head, shoulders, and spinal curvature, the volunteer’s hips were examined. The hips were directly in-line with each other. The knees were examined next both the alignment and tracking revealed that they were demonstrated appropriate posture.
Functional exercises were recommended for the individual that would counter-act the deleterious effect their day job had on their posture. While the individual’s main posture issues located in the lower back, neck, and shoulders, a comprehensive exercise plan was recommended. The recognition was that it would be unhealthy to simply target these muscles in a non-integrated way. This way the first exercise that was recommended for the client was implementing a medicine ball squat with an overhead lift. This exercise directly involves the legs, arms, and back in a complex movement (Sutton 2011, p. 10). The client is recommended to perform three sets of these with ten repetitions each and to increase the weight as they become stronger. The next exercise that was recommended was a hip extension with a reverse fly. This exercise directly targets the upper, middle and lower back, shoulders, glutes, and legs (Sutton 2011, p. 14). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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