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The following paper under the title 'Organization of Fertility Clinics' gives detailed information about fertility clinics which are specialized clinics which help couples conceive who for medical reasons cannot have children through regular conception…
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Organization of Fertility Clinics
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Fertility clinics are run and managed by doctors and help couples have their own child by in vitro fertilization or if the man has a low sperm count then the couple may consider a sperm donor and introduce the sperm in the woman body by artificial ejaculation.
If that is not an option, then couples can look at adoption. So far there are no rules as far as adoption is concerned, any race, religion and couple of any age can adopt a child which they think best suits their needs. Maybe putting an age limit on the couple who want to adopt a baby would help, if too old a couple adopts a child they may not be able to raise it as a younger couple would. Couples usually go to adoption agencies and decide the race, sex and the physical appearance they want in their future adopted child. From a moral point of view, it rather sounds discriminatory to buy and sell children like cattle.
Women these days are offering to sell their eggs to the highest bidder of men who want to have a child with certain physical traits. It could be considered wrong that human life is no longer considered sacred and has now become a way of making money. When an elderly woman gestates with artificial hormones she not only endangers her own life and health but also of the baby. The zygote in the womb is dependent on the mother who is carrying the child for oxygen and food supply. In the elderly, the body systems have already started to weaken out and the immune system is weaker too.
Nature has set childbearing years for a reason if a woman conceives in her late twenties or early thirties she is in the prime of her life to have a healthy pregnancy and raise a child. Read More
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Organization of Fertility Clinics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 403 Words.
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