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Short placement ministry - Essay Example

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The Luton and Dunstable chapel is a chaplaincy service team that provides services to not only the members but all patients besides as much as the chapel is based on Roman Catholic denomination; the services they offer are not done on the basis of an individual’s…
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Short placement ministry
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Download file to see previous pages They come in to assist individuals using material support in case of a tragedy or a time of loss. They as well offer training to their staff members to ensure they remained professionally relevant and updated with the trending issues in the profession thus giving full support to their staff members. (Camphell, 2014, p. 130)
Parents and family members who lose their beloved ones when receiving medical attention from the medical services provided by the chapel find both material and moral support. Such families and parents are offered financial support besides counseling and comfort.
So as to achieve its missions and objectives of providing high quality healthcare services and access to spiritual, cultural and religious care, the chapel collaborates with the denominations and the local faith communities which communicate the members of the communities the services on offer (Kelly, 1896, p. 430). With that everybody in the society and community as a whole gains quick and reliable access to the services of the chapel anytime they need such services.
Luton and Dunstable chapel also works hand in hand with various volunteers who come in to offer support through financial donations for the development of the various services. The volunteer teams also contain an individual who provide comfort and support to the visitors, patients and staff regardless of their religious backgrounds.
The volunteer groups include bedside ministers who frequently provide their services especially ministry on Sundays besides other days, ward visitors who pay homage to and support the patients in the chapels hospital and chapel volunteers who make their visits to the wards mainly on Sundays and Saturdays to cross check on which patients would like to attend the spiritual services of the chapel. (Camphell, 2014, p. 149)
The chapel volunteers also assist in the organization of the Sunday morning hospital’s services. They bring the hospital patients to attend services at ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Short Placement Ministry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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