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Married couples should be legally required to gain spousal consent for vasectomy/tubal ligation - Essay Example

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Everywhere in the world, nations speak of birth control and spacing to regulate the increase of global populace amid excruciating issues on poverty, especially in economically-challenged country. Health departments have discussed thoroughly the different methods of birth control…
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Married couples should be legally required to gain spousal consent for vasectomy/tubal ligation
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Download file to see previous pages The last two methods are deemed irreversible form of birth control as these involved surgical operations and alterations of biological parts to totally cease on giving birth (Eaton, 2004). But must this be legally legislated to make it mandatory for spouses to gain consent prior to the actual vasectomy and tubal ligation operations? This researcher argues that legislation to require spousal consent is unnecessary and irrelevant. The causes of explication however, will vary depending on national culture and personal influences surrounding the decision-making of either spouse.
In western countries, radical feminists may argue that they have the sole possession of their body and thus, have the sole and autonomous rights for its care (Dorff, 1998). They may interpose that they have the sole dominion of their bodies, therefore, the power for decision of making to undertake tubal ligation reside in their freewill and its theirs alone, regardless of spouse’s objection and disagreement. For them, they do not need consent from their male counterpart about undertaking surgical operation for tubal ligation. Thus, may find it disinteresting to legislate a policy under civil code that would require consent from the male counterpart. For men, there is less debate on whether or not they would need to gather consent for vasectomy noting with certain biological fact that they do not bear the cycle and discomfort of pregnancy and of giving birth. Often, this is resorted when a man has hernia or when there are evident health challenges for the female spouse to take pills, IUD or ligation (Dorff, 1998). Hence, consent is insignificant and immaterial here because he is left only with the compelling option to take the necessary measure for birth control. Therefore, legislation of a policy that will oblige men to seek consent from wife is not relevant. The situation is there and his only remedy is to assume responsibility for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Married Couples Should Be Legally Required to Gain Spousal Consent for Essay.
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