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This essay discusses encompassed drug abuse prevention intervention with the Hispanic population. Apart from these theories the article also focuses on the concepts that pave the way towards prevention of drug abuse in Hispanics. Research attributes to the cultural, personal, behavioral…
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Substance Abuse Prevention Intervention with Hispanic Populations
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Substance abuse prevention intervention research with Hispanic populations" The motive for the to carry out a study accomplishing a reassessment and integrative examination of the research studies encompassed drug abuse prevention intervention with Hispanic population.
The study gained significance by means of numerous theories comprising classic psychological theories or models, these include- Problem Behavior Theory. Apart from these theories the article also focuses on the concepts that pave the way towards prevention of drug abuse in Hispanics. Research attributes to the cultural, personal, behavioural, environmental and interpersonal attitude as well as habits responsible for the consumption of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.
Study reveals that environment includes relations and family atmosphere, peer, educational institutes and locality. Other factors encompass behavioural, cognitive and mental state of the Hispanic population, responsible for providing a suitable atmosphere for drug dependent temperament and to cope with emotional anguish.
Study discloses that poor family bond, little parental association, differences, meagre communication with adolescent, inadequate monitoring or parents influence in consumption of drugs work as jeopardy aspects for the substance abuse.
Study divulges that peer influence may lead to the dependency on drugs; on the other hand schools work as shielding aspect for drug use in terms of academic accomplishments, edifying objectives and learning dedication. On the contrary, Hispanic youngsters display poor educational inclination; moreover school environment is not protective; responsible for plummeting out of the school and enhanced dependency on abusive agents like alcohol, tobacco or other drugs of abuse. The family bonding is responsible for the inclination of the individual towards substance abuse. A strong family bond prevents individuals from deviance towards substance abuse.
Studies carried out over the past decades display that three classifications persist for prevention interventions encompassing- Universal (U), imitates classic public health approach and is concerned with the prevention of the entire population while Selective (S), is concerned with the prevention of at-risk group, whereas Indicated prevention interventions (I) encompasses interventions for individuals displaying initial symptoms. The three approaches are adopted based on the severity of the risk of substance abuse.
The socio-cultural atmosphere of the Hispanic societies comprise of multi-racial predisposition that is an outcome of inter-racial marriages, responsible for heterogeneity of cultural uniqueness for the children.
The article summarises that FET or Family Effectiveness Training works best as an intervention method. Upbringing and cultural interventions could lead to prevention of adolescents from substance abuse. The study highlights that factors which are responsible for keeping the individual involved in cultural and familial ventures along with the family cantered approach could provide emotional strength to the adolescents and youth. Strong bonding between the parents and child, along with congenial family atmosphere prevents divergence of the youth towards substance abuse.
The article highlights that Familial Unidas intervention plays the most imperative role in preventing the behavioural issues in adolescents.
The article emphasises on the strength of the familial interpersonal relationship. In the present scenario where the stress level is augmenting it becomes imperative to motivate the youth to divert their energies and anxieties to creative thinking and outlook, as this is the need of time, this culminates towards better understanding, better interpersonal relationships and a positive approach towards life. Believing in self-strength and building confidence depends not only on the family atmosphere and level of education and understanding of the parents but also on the supporting environment. If the feeling of belongingness and being accepted with respect could be worked out, Hispanics would no longer have inclination for substance abuse; rather they will divert their energies and thoughts in building a society with congenial atmosphere for youth as well as adults, studies must take a venture towards this approach to overcome and prevent the issues related with substance abuse.
Castro, F. G., Barrera, M., Pantin, H., Martinez, C., Felix-Ortiz, M., Rios, R., Lopez, V. A., Lopez, C. (2006). Substance abuse prevention intervention research with Hispanic populations. Drug and Alcohol Dependence. 84(S), S29-S42. Read More
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