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Eating Better than Organic by John Cloud - Article Example

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The present article under the title "Eating Better than Organic by John Cloud" dwells on the sole basis behind the discussion by John Cloud that is based on his personal concern towards the issue of choosing between locally grown and ecologically grown food…
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Eating Better than Organic by John Cloud
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Extract of sample "Eating Better than Organic by John Cloud"

By displaying a vested concern for the food being consumed, the writer has clearly voiced the concern that everyone shares in the modern-day. Further, John is found to have a good knowledge of the issue of locally grown and ecologically grown products. In the case of the former, he explains his concerns over the use of pesticides in products that are locally produced and also tries to compare it with the latter in terms of a number of issues such as refrigeration, pesticide use, irradiation, antibiotics, etc. further, his extensive use of results from various research studies clearly highlights the depth of knowledge and insight that the writer possesses in the subject.
John starts the discussion with the simple expression – ‘who wants to pesticide residue?’. By doing so, he has also taken into account the issue of resources such as oil and also the time gap between production and supply to the department store. The central point of the discussion does however not limit itself to the issue of pesticides alone. Additionally, it also tries to convince the user that another aspect that consumers look for when buying the product is the value for ‘taste’. John has clearly put forward his findings of food being ecologically rich but deprived of essential taste on account of being refrigerated and transported across long distances. John has further appealed to the audience to not judge ecologically grown products on the basis of the process that they undergo during production but to also think to move ahead from thinking from a consumer perspective to a more closer look from the health aspect. He argues that despite the high preference for the way products are grown, it is also important to consider its freshness and the extent to which it works well for the body upon consumption.
John has clearly pointed out the difficult position faced by huge departmental chains such as Wal-Mart that has been facing a backlash since its decision to offer a higher proportion of organic products. John uses the information obtained from several researchers such as Joan Dye Gussow from Columbia University, who has provided the basic foundations to eating foods produced locally namely the taste of fresh food, the connection with frugality and the deep concern for the planet and environment. He has further used excerpts from people such as Joseph Mendelson, the legal director of the Center for Food Safety, who has provided a very interesting insight into the popular ecological perception of farmers’ markets by saying that there have been instances where the product has been sourced from wholesalers rather than local produce. Such details from different studies have not only provided an informative insight into the issue of local vs. ecological but have also provided several fronts for the reader to analyze. Read More
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