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Environmental and sociological factors contributing to the rise in childhood obesity in the UK - Essay Example

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This essay describes the problem of the obesity among the kids of the United Kingdom through analysis of the environmental and social factors. It is significant to note that obesity levels have been rising in the recent past, as compared to ten years ago. …
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Environmental and sociological factors contributing to the rise in childhood obesity in the UK
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Extract of sample "Environmental and sociological factors contributing to the rise in childhood obesity in the UK"

Download file to see previous pages This essay "Environmental and sociological factors contributing to the rise in childhood obesity in the UK" outlines the reasons for rise of the obesity among kids of the United Kingdom. Due to this, the author uses two sociological theories. Feminist sociological theories are defined as those which are characterized by the following aspects: (a) gender is a central focus or subject matter (b) gender relations are seen to be a problem and linked to social inequities and strains (c) gender relations are not viewed as immutable and (d) the theory is used to challenge a status quo that disadvantages women.” (Chafetz, 1988:5). The Feminist movement was born when Betty Friedan set out on her crusade to convince women that they were not obligated to accepted a male oriented view of gender inequality. In 1963, her book “The Feminine Mystique” portrayed the traditional female role as home maker as a stifling one and emphasized the inequities women were expected to suffer as a matter of course, which often led to dissatisfaction, with the lack of independence also contributing to a disordered emotional state. Catherine McKinnon contended that certain powerful groups are the only ones with the right to free speech and whose voices are heard, over and above the women and minority groups who have “been silenced by their powerlessness.” (McKinnon, 1993: 77-78). This has led to the adopting of a discriminatory and demeaning attitude towards women which is characteristic in society and which has an adverse impact on them. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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