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Senior Capston Project - Essay Example

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Implementing a Health Education Program requires much planning and careful consideration of data available. Identifying a group on which to implement such a program entails incredible amount of research and an in depth understanding of the cross section of the group. …
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Senior Capston Project
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Extract of sample "Senior Capston Project"

Senior Capstan Project Implementing a Health Education Program requires much planning and careful consideration of data available. Identifying a group on which to implement such a
program entails incredible amount of research and an in depth understanding of the cross
section of the group. Health Programs do not comprise only of diets and restriction. It is a
program to enhance one’s lifestyle. Diet, exercise, routine regimen, mental health, stress
management and much more all comprise a complete Health Education Program.

Specific Factors that may influence learning in the selected group for health education programs –
Health Education Programs are most required at work sites. There are certain
specific factors which influence learning in this group. People at work sites are able
minded working individuals, They are more responsible than any other member in the
other groups. They are wage earners so their responsibility is that much more than school
goers and people in any specific community.
People at the work site can convey the effects of the health education program to
the members of their family, be it school children or even members of the community.
This will begin a chain reaction – children who are taught by them will go to school and
teach or at least influence other children and this will in turn benefit the entire community.
Most importantly, if the health program can be successfully implemented health at
work place will improve incredibly. This will result in optimum productivity in the entire
Of course there are some developmental considerations that need to be considered
when planning the program. Age and body weight are two major considerations. Health
education program need to be planned according to the age of the group it is to be
implemented on. Depending on the age of an individual health requirements and
principles of health management would need to be altered. Health programs would also
have to be implemented keeping in mind the average body weight of the group. The
lifestyle of the individuals – whether they are sedentary workers or heavy workers, also
needs to be taken into consideration.
Before launching a Health Education Program it is very important to gauge the
level of health literacy of the group upon which it is to be implemented. One needs to
know how much the group already knows. Does the group know the basic meanings of
randomly used nutritional terms? Is the group aware of the importance of basic exercise?
Does the group know the adverse effects of general atmospheric toxics? How literate is
the group as far as the basic health definitions and concepts are concerned? If one has to
start at the ground level then the Program must be planned accordingly so as not to
confuse any member of the group
The Setting of the Proposed Health Education/ Promotion Program-
A worksite is often the ideal place for a Health Program to be implemented. To
implement such a program permission of the Management is required. Once the
Management gives the permission, the necessary infrastructure in terms of place (venue)
and attendance of the group is also guaranteed. In that case one doesn’t have to spend
resources trying to gather people.
Human beings spend more time in a workplace than at home or otherwise. Thus a
Health Program is best implemented at work sites to ensure better health of workers. This
would of course help the company directly. The company’s management should be
involved That would enable them to formulate or reformulate HR and administrative
policies which will enhance the Health Education Program.
Catering and food, atmosphere at work, operational policies, manufacturing
hazards and remedies all need to be addressed during the Health Program. Postures while
working, congenial working conditions, stress stimuli are all points to rectified if required.
All this can only be done at the work site under the supervision of the management. It is
the Management which has the resources to successfully implement the entire effect of
the Health Education/ Promotion Program.
Assistance of Organizations, Groups Individuals –
Government Organizations like the state run Health Care Programs and Non
Government Organizations who work for Health Promotion would be of assistance in
trying to implement a Health Program. Most universities also have Health and Family
Education Programs. Department of Health and Human Services Public Service is one
such organization.
There are several online Health Programs. One might seek assistance from them.
One organization – Learn To Be Healthy.Org have games and interactive sessions for
school children and educators, while Spark People have a special program on Employee
Incorporating Principles of Community Organizations –
The Health Program has to be made interesting and receptive for the entire group.
At the very outset Pamphlets and brochures need to be designed, printed and then
distributed to communicate the need for the health education program not only to the
Management but also to all those who will be participating in the program.
Verbal lectures will have to be more interactive and less of a monologue.
Monologues can tend to be boring when dealing with a community. Verbal lectures need
to be punctuated with audio visual presentations. Presentations should be as realistic as
possible. Books, charts, power point presentations, slide shows should all be part of a
very interesting audio visual presentation. One could intersperse the Health Program with
interesting games to enhance the learning process. Physical demonstrations and
movements would also break the monotony of a long presentation.
Health Planning Model –
One of the most famous Health Planning Model is ‘The Art of Living’. The Art of
Living is a multi faceted organization and works in special consultative status with the
Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations. This model is most
appropriate in today’s day and age. It is a simple Health Program which emphasizes on
proper breathing and simple meditation in order to deal with stress and thereby improve
one’s own health. Proper Mental health is the most important contributory factor to the
enhancement of a person’s overall health.
The Art of Living strengthens the individual by programs which eliminate stress.
They inspire individuals to give back to their communities. Read More
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Senior Capston Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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