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The American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA) have synthesized issues and concerns related to nursing faculty shortage, and these issues and concerns were published in Associations Journal on February of 2007.
Let it be underscored and elaborated in this paper that the…
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BHS 499 (Senior Capstone Project) Module 4 CBT
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Assessment of Proposed Projects ASSESSMENT OF PROPOSED PROJECTS IN HEALTH CARE ORGANIZATION The American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA) have synthesized issues and concerns related to nursing faculty shortage, and these issues and concerns were published in Associations Journal on February of 2007.
Let it be underscored and elaborated in this paper that the problem about low recruitment and retention among qualified nursing faculty; whose responsibility is primarily to provide ideal and competent health care providers in the field of nursing for the near future. As the AANA has revealed, nursing care to clients are getting affected by aging of present qualified nursing faculty; ineffective and diluted role expectations of some nursing faculty due to tremendous role-related stress and high faculty workload; lack of salary competitiveness in the clinical setting; nursing faculty members are not motivated to prepare for doctoral programs and too few applicants are willing to teach clinical courses at the same time conduct research, which are both essential roles in academic arena (Starnes-Ott & Kremer, 2007).
Are there any solutions to the above-mentioned problems? Are some of the solutions already implemented? Or are the implemented programs for it working? These are some of the questions which require honest evaluations and can be answered by the facts below.
Hospitals and other related agencies have fortunately identified significant elements crucial to the health as well as well being in work environment of a nurse, at the same time, the security and safety of the health care delivery system. According to Buerhaus, Donelan, Ulrich, Norman, & Dittus (2008), the said elements were identified based on the 2002 and 2004 surveys conducted and further disclosed that there are several positive changes in the work environment
Assessment of Proposed Projects 2
of nurses that have occurred and resulted in decreased overtime and stress, heightened job and career satisfaction and has improved relationships among nurses. Moreover, to arrive at the optimum approach to attain a healthy work environment basically depend on the employment setting, available resources, size, and the commitment of administration. Lovell (2006) rationalized that “overworking” pushes nurses out of their workplace to other health care settings
with more positive working conditions; and while hiring bonuses may attract other nurses,
this do not address the continuing concerns on wages and working conditions of nurse workforce. Cited by Lovell (2006), research published in peer-reviewed journals, workforce analyses, and other professional publications have confirmed that the crucial role played by wages in additional nurse labor supply. The supply of nurses is expanded, due to wage incentives, basically through attracting students to go into training programs (Chiha and Link 2003), however also by keeping the workers on the job (Brewer 1996; Parker and Rickman 1995) or by encouraging more work hours (Brewer 1996).
It is important that the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, as well as opportunities has to be properly assessed. If human and/or financial resources are limited, it may be necessary to pay attention to the organizations opportunities by using a phased approach.
One concrete example could be the implementation of programs which provide nurses control of their practice as well as enforcement of expectation that will push every member of the health care team to demonstrate true collaboration, if meantime, funds are not available to increase wages up to a more competitive level. Administration must see to it that the nurses are in a healthy work environment which are indicated by the following; Existence of organizational leaders who acknowledge the value and necessity of sustaining a healthy work environment;
Assessment of Proposed Projects 3
Presence of honest assessment of existing environment; Development of a plan for faculty which could address their weaknesses and opportunities and of their workplace; implementation of change; and proper evaluation of results or outcomes (Florida Center of Nursing, 2004).
The Department of Human Service of Victoria (2003) added that to achieve high competency among nurses, particularly those expose in the clinical setting, all allied health trainees must have access to communication skills training which is simulation based; for speech pathology, physiotherapy, and prosthetics trainees should also have access to some relevant simulation skills facilities; while nurses returning to the profession as well as those enrolled in specialist training courses like renal dialysis, coronary care, intensive care, theatre and emergency, the best way to give them clinical skills - simulation based training was to establish clinical skills centers.
It is evident that today’s extreme dynamic job market, health care industries and academe needs to continue the process of review and policy amendments in order to ensure competitiveness in the system and equity of resources. There may be diverse issues and concerns expressed by respective stakeholders of the organization like inflexibilities of their current compensation. Administrators should always consider that the absence of reliable data on recruitment and retention of nurses may result to their personnels perception of insignificant need to diversify the organizations pool of applicants. The search committees may be structured to aggressively search and screen applicants, instead of just passively hoping to wait for the excellent faculty of come, at the same time, also diverse applicant pool. No recruitment and retention model may best or perfect suit one organization; and perhaps, diverse hiring and retention would be an effective model.
Assessment of Proposed Projects 4
Buerhaus, P.I., Donelan, K., et. al.(2008) Registered Nurses Perspectives on Health Care and the
2008 Presidential Election. Nursing Economics, 26:4, p 227-235.
Department of Human Services, Victoria (2003) Clinical skills education requirements of the
health professions in victoria. Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria. Retrieved on
September 08, 2009 from
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of Proceedings, Fall 2006 Summit: October 4, 2006
Lovell, V. (2006) Solving the nursing shortage through higher wages. Institute for Women’s Policy Research Institute for Women’s Policy Research. IWPR Publication No. C363A
Washington, DC. Read More
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