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Capstone Course - Essay Example

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The following essay "Capstone Course" is focused on the educational issues. As the author puts it, "As the semester approaches its end, I have come to understand that my reflections on the capstone course have progressed drastically throughout the course of week 1 till week 16"…
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Capstone Course
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"Capstone Course"

Download file to see previous pages Looking back, much of my time as a student was spent deciphering theories and philosophies with little or no effort in comprehending the practicality and application of these concepts, perspectives, and beliefs. Like many others, I too questioned the relevance of my learning with what I aimed to do in my professional life. Thus, the senior capstone course has acted as a bridge between theory and application, which is an outcome that I value the most. While an integration of subject-specific and cross-disciplinary knowledge and the assimilation of theory and application are the outcomes of my course experience that I greatly value. The learning outcome that I believe will be most helpful in my professional career is that of an enhanced level of self-efficacy, which is one of the characteristics internalized in a student during capstone courses (Dunlap 65). The systematic design of the course included class participation, interdisciplinary project, e-portfolio, research presentation and a course reflective essay. The effort undertaken for the completion of these tasks allowed me to assume a larger share of the responsibility for my education and also played an integral role in acting as a means of socialization with my classmates and course instructor (Collier 285-299). The fact that the capstone project was planned as an independent endeavor meant that each student had to embark upon the task of using his/her individual learning, distinct perspectives on a range of topics and issues and cross-disciplinary knowledge to produce an independent study. My course project on insurance fraud was reflective of a range of understandings and comprehensions on the subject matter. The most critical factor which shaped the course of my independent study on insurance fraud was being on the ground. I also noted in my reflective essay on insurance fraud, how my interactions with the victims of this menace helped in the establishment of a relationship of trust. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Capstone Course Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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