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In an inter-linked and progressive society, it is somewhat off putting, and in fact, downright saddening, to see that the vices of the likes of prejudice and discrimination are still prevalent. They are not just prevalent but have become an integrated part of what society has…
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Reflection paper on the capstone
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Topic Portfolio Assignment In an inter-linked and progressive society, it is somewhat off putting, and in fact, downright saddening, to see that the vices of the likes of prejudice and discrimination are still prevalent. They are not just prevalent but have become an integrated part of what society has become. I chose this topic after much thought process, and considered highlighting, through this essay, the unacceptable norm that the prevalence of prejudice and discrimination has become. After much effort, research and forethought I came to the conclusion and thus derived the thesis that I did.
I believe that to catch the attention of an audience, especially a reader, and to make them read into what one has written, it is vital that what is being written is something they can relate to, as well as having written it in a language, concise yet coherent, that they can understand. To achieve the above mentioned, I made use of ordinary day examples of people, both inside the United States of America, and outside it. A clear example of this can be found in the essay where I mention the examples of South Africans; while they may typically be considered to be ‘black’, the fact that their ancestors are Boers, thereby proving the very point which follows. The sources and materials used are those were more appealing, and most relevant to my line of thought and argument. The style of writing and tone adopted in this essay is scholarly and formal, as it is intended to instruct the reader as well as invigorate their thought process.
One of my main motives in writing said essay the way I did, was to inform readers of the adverse implications on ordinary human beings of the vices, and to get their thoughts churning to question what they ordinarily overlook about themselves, the society they live in, its practices of discrimination and subsequently racism, which evidently find their roots in the notion of prejudice. This in essence creates a read that is most certainly moving to a reader. It is also along these lines, and for this purpose that the essay has its structural organization.
An attempt has been made to mould the writing style of said essay to one that is of academic writing. Throughout the essay, proof of this can be speculated. The essay makes use of clear and effective writing and terminology, and throughout maintains an essence of formality that is necessary to get the message across to the reader. Every point made is not some without some analysis at my part, and an effective attempt has been made to back it up with relevant factual content and real life examples. The understanding and use of the aforementioned conventions of academic writing have helped to shape my arguments is a manner that is essential to the point I am trying to make throughout the essay.
As with each essay I press ‘submit’ to, along with exhilaration at the sheer job done also comes a sense of achievement, which stems from my sense of having learnt something new. With each essay I have done for this class I have felt myself grow, as a critical thinker, and especially as a writer. This particular Capstone essay has helped me enhance my argumentative skills, as I had to do look not just with in books and scholarly articles, but within my observations of society, and had to enhance that into a winning argument. I can safely say that this very skill, of enhancing and coherently wording up arguments is the skill that I have strived most to perfect throughout the course, and I am much satisfied with it. One short coming I have still to master is that of slight, negligible grammatical errors that may come across. These however, are very subtle and do not significantly mitigate my writing as a whole. Read More
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(Reflection Paper on the Capstone Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Reflection Paper on the Capstone Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Reflection Paper on the Capstone Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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