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Advances In Molecular Biology Used For More Focused Treatments Of Endocrine Disorders - Essay Example

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In the history of medicine the sphere of endocrine researches was one of the primary issues of investigation, as the understanding the essence of interrelations among the cells is of a much importance for all medical and human sciences. …
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Advances In Molecular Biology Used For More Focused Treatments Of Endocrine Disorders
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Extract of sample "Advances In Molecular Biology Used For More Focused Treatments Of Endocrine Disorders"

Advances In Molecular Biology Used For More Focused Treatments Of Endocrine Disorders In the history of medicine the sphere of endocrine researches was one of the primary issues of investigation, as the understanding the essence of interrelations among the cells is of a much importance for all medical and human sciences. Research in endocrine sphere was developing fast during last two decades, and the modern techniques of molecular biology are successfully implemented to cure various diseases of endocrine nature. Investigations and findings made in the field of molecular biology allowed defining specific genes that are related to endocrine system. Examining mutations of these genes helped define the nature of endocrine diseases and work out successful treatment therapies. Molecular theories helped understand the mechanisms of gene expression. (Greenspan)
Researches in the sphere connected to gene approach allow new therapy used in treating endocrine diseases. This therapy is based on the possibility of intervention on a molecular level, producing a curative effect. This therapy can be implemented in the cases of monogenic illnesses, for instance, hypothalamic diabetes, or deficiency of GH, or for multifactorial illnesses, such as cancer, adiposity or diabetes mellitus. The perspective of development of molecular biology promises a lot of new inventions in the field of treating tumours of endocrine nature. (Greenspan)
The notion of immune, endocrine and neurogenic systems as of an integrated system with interrelations within this system helps understand that many chemical mediators function not as hormones, like it was considered before, but circulate in specific way. That's why this sphere of endocrinology that is connected to circulations of mediators and hormones, and investigating the mechanisms of cellular processes control will be regarded as the branch of microbiology at the nearest future. (Greenspan)
Changes Which Occur Within The Cardiovascular System Around The Birth Of An Individual
The circulatory system of human and a fetus is different. Fetus doesn't breath with the help of its lungs, getting oxygen and nutrition from his mother's body with the help of placenta and umbilical cord. Just after the birth fetus' circulation system changes. This process includes closure of foramen ovale and ductus arteriosus. (Cardiovascular Changes At Birth)
Two major events that determine changes that occur to the fetal circulation are beginning of respiration process and finishing placental circulation of the blood. Regarding the whole cardiovascular system in general it is necessary to speak about the changes that happen in umbilical veins, umbilical arteries, ductus arteriosus (which serves for protecting the fetus' lungs from overload, controls the strengthening of an appropriate ventricle, balances processes in lungs, helps carrying blood with med saturation of oxygen), ductus venosus (which connects the umbilical vein and the IVC, regulates a flow of blood, carries blood highly saturated with oxygen), foramen ovale (that carries blood with oxygen from right lung to left lung). (Cardiovascular Changes At Birth)
Lung aeration after the birth is characterized with reduced resistance of vascular system in lungs due to expansion of the lungs, increase in flow of the blood which raises atrial pressure, and thinning of the walls of arteries in lungs, due to extension of the lungs and increasing size of lungs. (Cardiovascular Changes At Birth)
After the first breath of a child the alveoli of the lungs open, pressure in tissues of the lungs decreases, blood flow from the right heart goes to the capillaries in alveoli, pressure in heart's right side goes weaker, while pressure in the heart's left part increases, because larger amount of blood goes to the left lung through the pulmonary veins. At last stage of changing in circulatory system blood pressure in a human body grows higher in aorta and the system of circulation is established and functions well. (Cardiovascular Changes At Birth)

Cardiovascular Changes At Birth. General Practice Notebook. Available at
Greenspan F.S., Gardner, DavidG.2003. Basic and Clinical Endocrinology. The McGraw-Hill Companies Read More
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