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Pharmaceutics - Essay Example

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Medicines Act 1968 governs manufacture and dispensing of medicines. There are certain drugs that are to be sold by pharmacists only with a prescription. Pharmacy medicines may be sold without prescription. Further modification of the act in 2005 states that as a responsible pharmacists, they should not sell homeopathy or other natural medicines since pharmacists are not just sellers; they are healthcare professionals (Royal Pharmaceutical Society Of Great Britain 2009)…
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Extract of sample "Pharmaceutics"

Download file to see previous pages From this angle homoeopathic medications are unlicensed, and thus pharmacists are not supposed to dispense them (Royal Pharmaceutical Society Of Great Britain 2007b).
The first principle states that the matter of first priority should be care of the patient. In their daily work, the pharmacists need to apply this principle. This means the action and behaviour of the pharmacist will place the interest of the patient in the centre. If there is a legal or ethical dilemma, it is the duty of the pharmacist to evaluate all options, risks, and benefits and decide the best option which cares the patient most. Although in the UK homeopathic medicines are sold, these are unlicensed, and this is a violation of legislation (Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain 2007a).
The pharmacist is required to exercise his professional judgment in the interest of the patient and the population in general. Homeopathy medications have no evidence base, and according to modern scientific medicine, it is uncertain whether they actually play any role in revering the pathophysiological process underlying the patient's ailments (Royal Pharmaceutical Society Of Great Britain 2009). ...
In some cases, taking these medications may compromise the safety, and other colleagues may be in favour of selling these for sales pressure (Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain 2007a).
Principle 3:
The pharmacist must show respect to others in the context of diversity, cultural differences, values, and belief of others including the patient. This creates a specific and relevant ethical dilemma since marketing authorisation does not allow him to sale the product, whereas, the patient's personal beliefs suggest him to continue with the homeopathic medication (Royal Pharmaceutical Society Of Great Britain 2009). In such cases, polite and considerate discussion with the patient may produce results. Many such patients may also be very vulnerable. The best strategy would be to take the patient's consent, explain the situation, help him/her to seek appropriate and prescribed medical care to get appropriately treated, and while doing so the pharmacist's personal belief system should not interfere (Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain 2007a).
Principle 4:
The patient must be encouraged to participate in the decision about their care. If a patient comes with a request for a particular homeopathic medication, the patient must be engaged in a discussion about his/her disease conditions and problems. Information gained in such way may provide significant insight regarding the current condition and the need for required treatment and medication (Royal Pharmaceutical Society Of Great Britain 2009). In many cases, the patients may be motivated to change their decisions when they sense that the pharmacist is their partner in care. This could again open the avenue for discussion about the available ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Pharmaceutics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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