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Since the essay is on the summation and criticism of two articles concerning health I would like to use Janet Sayers’ article ‘Feeding the Body’ and Anne Keane’s ‘Too hard to swallow?; The palatability of healthy eating advice’…
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Health, fitness and diet
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"Health, fitness and diet"

Since the essay is on the summation and criticism of two articles concerning health I would like to use Janet Sayers’ article ‘Feeding the Body’ and Anne Keane’s ‘Too hard to swallow?; The palatability of healthy eating advice’. I will begin with Janet Sayer’s ‘Feeding the Body’. Both these articles are sociological in context and therefore require a deeper understanding and the need for laissez faire to construct the meanings that they portray. In ‘Feeding the Body’, Sayer deconstructs the meaning of feeding oneself. The idea of a good ‘diet’ is definitely a Western idea brought in post-colonial times with a tendency for the emulation of development. Sayer goes on to say the idea of a nutritionally fixed diet in scientific terms is an ethnocentric concept. Not only is diet subjective, for example in a country where it is difficult or too expensive to obtain wheat for more fibre, the substitutes are considered not as ample for the so-called ‘healthy’ development of the human body. In addition to that idea of even ‘health is an issue
to be undertaken with. In some societies obese women are considered the height of beauty and in fact the healthiest, there is no complete evidence according to Sayer that a Western person with the correct amount of healthy eating is ‘healthier’ than an individual from a developing country is not. Read More
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