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Healthy diet - Research Paper Example

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Diet is defined as a way a person may regulate their consumption of food with an objective of decreasing, increasing or maintaining their body weight. Jaminet & Jaminet are of the assumption that dieting is…
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Healthy diet
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Download file to see previous pages a mode of regulating our meal intake in regards to quality, time and type of meal with an objective of managing our weight improving out health (11).
There is always a common misconception that dieting is only important in instances where a person wants to lose weight. The perception is based on that; over-weight people suffer from obesity which is considered unhealthy. In addition, dieting is mostly considered by over-weight people or people with obesity. However, Spencer & Mosley assert that unhealthy dieting is of the same effect to obese people as it has on thin people (56). Moreover, thin people are likely to suffer from effects of unhealthy dieting that obese people. Willet points out that thin people require effective dieting more that fat people due to the consideration that their metabolism rate is significantly affected (44).
The relationship between human health and dieting is significant. Regardless of the weight factor, a person should be able to exercise good dieting. There are numerous merits of good dieting and many demerits of bad dieting not influenced by the weight factor. Consequently, a healthy diet is a medical strategy that improves the general health of a person. Additionally, following a healthy diet is important for both fat and slim people. It depends on the kind of food, and the best time for meals.
Jaminet & Jaminet assert that good dieting is consumption of meals that rhymes with our body weight and requirement (17). The authors further point out that a healthy diet should be created in regards to time (Jaminet & Jaminet 17). Most importantly, food selection determines the appropriateness of a healthy diet. The same argument is supported by Willet, who point out that a healthy diet should comprise of a food selection and time for food consumption (34). Depending on the health demand of a person, they should be provided with a specific diet. For instance, a slim person may be required to increase their body mass thus increasing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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