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The Functional Consequences Of Amblyopia - Essay Example

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Amblyopia is a condition of multiple features that affects about 1 to 5% of the population world wide. The condition is marked by poor contrast sensitivity and visual acuity. Along with these there are many visual deficits that can occur which is the reason why now amblyopia is considered to be a syndrome of multiple existing condition rather than an isolated pathology…
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The Functional Consequences Of Amblyopia
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Extract of sample "The Functional Consequences Of Amblyopia"

Download file to see previous pages And recent researches are looking in to the various correlations that may exist between the multiple visual pathophysiology.
The prevalence of amblyopia in humans has been documented to be varying from 1 to 5%, making it a significant cause of sight morbidity around the world. Although the condition was identified in the eighteenth century, the lack of research in this area caused the same form of treatment to continue up till some time recently. This is also a reason why many clinicians have the same age old concepts of the condition, and therefore make error by formulating the same treatment strategy, that is in no way the ideal one for the patient. The main problem in treating the condition is that it occurs during very early years of childhood, at the stage when the infant may not even recognise the problem himself. This leads to missing of many cases of amblyopia, which at the time that they are diagnosed, may not be completely treatable. (Merck, 2003)
The process of sight and vision is carried out to understand and identify the three dimensional structures that we are surrounded with. On this basis we are able to identify the composition of the world around us, based on the two dimensional image formed on the retina, formed by combining two visual inputs in to one vision. Any abnormality in the formation of the visual system can lead to many developmental abnormalities, including the condition known as amblyopia. (John, 1998)
The patient suffering from amblyopia usually has a blurry eye, which is not due to any physical abnormality of the eye, but rather due to the surrounding abnormalities of the other structures around the eye. The images formed by the eye which are blurry, are ignored by the brain, either due to defect in the transmission of the image, or due to some defect in the brain working itself. This results in the brain completely ignoring the image that it receives. Amblyopia develops in the early ages of life as the brain is developing its visual capabilities at that particular time. Any abnormality or problem in the visual areas in brain at this stage leads to amblyopia. As the brain develops itself in this manner at a very young age; many of the patients fail to realize they have a problem until they undergo any eye testing procedure. (Wickepedia, 2007)
Many of the features found in the amblyopic patients are a result of adaptation mechanism carried out by the brain. It may accept these mechanisms or completely reject or ignore them. For example, amblyopic patients use foveal vision instead of peripheral vision used in normal eyes, indicating ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Functional Consequences Of Amblyopia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 7500 Words)
The Functional Consequences Of Amblyopia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 7500 Words.
“The Functional Consequences Of Amblyopia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 7500 Words”, n.d.
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