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Development of an Infants Vision - Coursework Example

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3.2: Other than hereditary or genetic predisposition what can enhance (types of food, special exercises, breast feeding, iron levels) and hamper (drugs, alcohol) visual development for infants
This independent dissertation contains a critical evaluation of factors that govern the mechanism of vision development in infants, a topic submitted in part as final year course requirement in the field of Optical Management…
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Development of an Infants Vision
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Extract of sample "Development of an Infants Vision"

Download file to see previous pages In doing so, we shall define the parameters that play an important role in projecting the right 'needs' of infants and the responsibility of parents, doctors and other external attributes towards this effect. Understanding these parameters is the biggest accomplishment of the research undertaken for this study, which rests on a mixed foundation of theoretical study and practical evidence-based data collected from journals, doctors' opinions and applied knowledge in the subject area.
In order to present the evaluation made through systematic study, a hypothesis has been framed for the research: What are the methods that contribute towards vision development among infants The idea behind pooling different methods is to ensure that the knowledge to this effect can be extended to form a recommended development plan that assesses the individual responsibility of all stakeholders to the actual scenario right from pre-pubescent care during foetal development to the initial adjustment of a newborn and until pre-school. Of all the senses, vision is the most critical component in reflecting the brain development and IQ growth of young minds, because everyday school activities such as reading, writing and play rest on a keen vision.
For evaluation purpose of above goals in research, this report has been divided into four main chapters that take an incisive look into all areas of systematic study that can be allied to our hypothesis. The contents must be acknowledged from the perspective of appreciating the inference that may be derived on that. Each chapter contains a brief introduction into the research aims being identified for the study and rests on a theoretical plan which gradually unfolds as the facts are corroborated with evidence.
Ch 1: The foundations of vision development
1.1: Chapter overview In this chapter, we shall examine the following research aims connected with the theme of rudimentary basics in vision: a) the different ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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