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Professional, Legal and Moral Issues in Nursing - Essay Example

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The nursing profession is a science and an art, in which the primary aim is to promote quality of life. It include a comprehensive set of activities and duties by which individuals and families are assisted in a range of human life experiences ranging from birth, sickness and end of life…
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Professional, Legal and Moral Issues in Nursing
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Extract of sample "Professional, Legal and Moral Issues in Nursing"

Download file to see previous pages Royal College of Nursing, U.K states that nursing is "The use of clinical judgment in the provision of care to enable people to improve, maintain, or recover health, to cope with health problems, and to achieve the best possible quality of life, whatever their disease or disability, until death."
Quantitative research: This research focuses on the outcome of a treatment processes, which are successful and using them as a standard practice. It is characterized by the randomized controlled trial.
Qualitative research: This research focuses on understanding how a particular medical experience occurs. It studies the issues of how nursing is received by the patient or delivered to the patient and its impact in the life of the patient.
The professional issues of nursing basically deal with the situations that nurses will be facing in the line of duty. These issues correspond to the nature of specialization undertaken by the person during their period of training. For example The Royal College of Nursing, Scotland put forth four different categories of the nursing practice such as:
The professional issues are dealt with in the course of study through this college are according the category chosen by the student and is based on learning the practices involved in that category. They will learn about the norms of practice pertaining to their areas of specialization as well as patient care.
Legal and Moral Issues
The legal and moral issues of the nursing practice are covered by the code of ethics, which very qualified nurse has to follow, during the course of their professional practice.
Nursing code of ethics
The ethics of nursing basically deals with the pride of being in the profession murse well as the caution which has to be followed during the practice of this profession. The principles of the nursing code of ethics are similar to the code of ethic followed in other branches of health care, but there are certain codes of conduct dealing with the nature of nursing alone.
Following a code of conduct or ethics has been an integral part of the nursing profession. Over the course of years, this has further developed to include new issues, arising in the modern health community.
In the early days of nursing, the ethics were mainly focused on the virtues of the nurse, but now it can come around to focusing more on the rights of the patient. The foremost concern in nursing ethics is the respect for human rights of the individual or the patient under a nurse's care. Based on this point, are the five basic moral principles of nursing, which include the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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