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The Role Of The Heart Failure Specialist Nurses - Case Study Example

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The paper "The Role Of The Heart Failure Specialist Nurses" analyzes on a personal level the social, political and economic impact of heart failure in the UK. It also discusses how heart failure specialist nurses in the community can improve health care in the UK…
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The Role Of The Heart Failure Specialist Nurses
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Download file to see previous pages The 80-year-old female patient I have chosen to discuss here appears to fit the overall criteria for the above study, which was mainly focused on previously hospitalized patients with interventions through specialist heart failure services in the community. My client was diagnosed with heart failure two years ago and had one additional admission to the hospital about one year ago for exacerbation of her heart failure. She felt she had not been given adequate information on her condition. She was referred to community heart failure nurses for education, management, and titration of Carvedilol 6.25mg bd. Other heart failure medication prescribed included furosemide 80mg mane, spironolactone 25mg mane, and ramipril 5mg bd. The spironolactone was stopped due to increased potassium, urea, and creatine, a decision based on the RALES study (2003). After another admission for a chest infection, she was discharged without furosemide, and I was assigned as a community heart failure nurse. She was concerned about having her furosemide discontinued, and it was recommended after I contacted the physician. The client feels more secure knowing she has someone to contact rather than "bothering" her doctor, and we have developed a good rapport. I am working with her on pharmacology issues, making sure she is responding well to her medications as well as taking the right medications.
Heart Failure - Major Health Problem
Heart failure has continued to be an escalating public health problem. Chronic heart failure is the "syndrome of breathlessness, fatigue and fluid retention resulting in impaired ability of the heart to pump properly" (Sanderson, 1994, par. 1), often following a heart attack. By the end of the 1990s, 5% of all medical admissions to hospital in the UK were related to chronic, or congestive, heart failure (Bosson, 1997). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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