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Healthcare Interventions - Essay Example

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Evidence is an important fact that decides the course of treatment. The result, relapse or development in the condition of the patient can be termed as evidence in continuing the therapy or to make a change in it. They can be termed as interventions. According to that the report on the evidence to support interventions is important for any health care practice, especially for alcohol dependence…
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Healthcare Interventions
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Extract of sample "Healthcare Interventions"

Download file to see previous pages There is chance of relapse in alcohol dependence after the treatment. The evidence regarding the relapse will help and support intervention in post treatment processes. The report of evidence is crucial in interventions after the course of treatment to avoid the relapse. The pharmaceutical agents and psycho social effects that influence the treatment and relapse can be identified using evidence report. The interventions that happen using the evidence are capable of increasing the efficacy of the treatment. By using the report of evidence the practitioner can know whether the medication reduced the alcohol intake or not The examination of potential harms associated with the treatment can be identified using evidence report. This hints at the change of the course of the treatment if there are any negative effects regarding it.
While considering the views that favour randomised controlled trials the benefits and limitations of RCTs are considered. This is due to the fact that they intersect the contemporary issues in the field. The RCTs with lengthy follow up intervals contain important and relevant evidence base. This evidence is for establishing the treatment efficacy, continued centrality. If not the informing the substance abuse practice will be questioned. The evidence hierarchy can be in the following manner.
The evidence about craving for substance, maintaining the abstinence, successful treatment, good outcomes, occurrence of relapse after treatment, the non happening of the relapse of alcohol dependence. 2
While studying the factors relating to remission from alcohol dependence the cross sectional general population sample aged 30 years or more can be taken into consideration. This is due to the fact that by that time the alcohol abuse will become alcohol dependence.
The comorbid depressive and anxiety disorders were diagnosed in the actively alcohol dependent. The socio demographic clinical and child hood related factors that differentiate the evidential hierarchy can be considered. The comorbid social phobia and dysthymia differentiated active alcohol dependence from a remitted state.
3. The search process
The search proces was based on the evidence based reports that dianose, study and treat the alcoholics. Care was taken in selecting and presenting the content that reflects the evidence based treatment. The evidences regarding the pre diagnosis period, treatment period, post treatment period were considered. The studies that details the efficacy of the treatment and decrease the relapse after treatment were considered and presented accordingly. The evidence reports and results regarding the drug treatment of alcohol abuse was explored ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Healthcare Interventions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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