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Dentistry Oral biology - Essay Example

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Your body consists of the plenty of organs but the absolute majority of them influences on your appearance significantly less than your teeth. Well-known nurse from Shakespeare play had only four teeth but have you ever thought that her age should be approximately 35-38 years Please imagine that modern young woman lost almost all her teeth…
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Dentistry Oral biology
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Making a difference. "I'll lay fourteen of my teeth,-- And yet, to my teeth be it spoken, I have but four" Romeo and Juliet,act I, scene III Shakespeare W.
Your body consists of the plenty of organs but the absolute majority of them influences on your appearance significantly less than your teeth. Well-known nurse from Shakespeare play had only four teeth but have you ever thought that her age should be approximately 35-38 years Please imagine that modern young woman lost almost all her teeth. Do you think she is happy
Edentulism - this term is used by doctors to characterize health condition of absence of the teeth due to the trauma, teeth decay or congenital disease. There are many millions of adults in the world who lost their teeth. Fortunately the situation is changed for better and in the last decades there was registered significant reduction in the prevalence of edentulism amongst adults older than 60 years. This improvement was possible due to the high effectiveness of the modern interventions using in the dentistry. Nevertheless, many people still should use prostheses e.g. dentures or bridges to have chance to bite something. This methods of treatment are help to preserve ability to chew and prevent diseases of gastrointestinal tracts caused by inadequate diet (people with edentulism refuse some food) but cannot properly replace all functions of natural teeth. Only when dental implants were widely implemented in the practice the "insipid" adults got hope for better. Indeed people with dental implants should eat better and seem to have better life quality than people treated with traditional dentures. But have this supposition been proved in the scientific researches
Canadian authors have published the results of the research aimed "to determine the impact of mandibular two-implant overdentures or conventional complete dentures on leisure and sexual activities" (Heydecke et al., 2005). Did you understand what they want to do In the human language it means that scientist wanted to compare traditional methods of treatment with dental implants and to clarify how these methods influence on the life quality of patients. Do you not know that "life quality" means Hm-m, it's just overall condition of a human life
120 patients with partial edentulism were treated by the different methods and interviewed about the impact of new prostheses (complete dentures or implants) about the impact of these medical interventions on their social and sexual activity including avoiding conversation, refusing invitations, avoiding sport and feeling uneasy when kissing and in sexual relationships, and the looseness of the prostheses during such activities.
The results of this study demonstrated significant improvements in the group of the patients treated with dental implants especially in their ability to eat, speak, kiss and yawn. These findings proved the positive impact of dental implants on social and sexual life and their preferences in providing greater improvement in the personal activities than conventional dentures.
Dear Reader! Please remember that this article was written only for a reasonably intelligent layman. If you are not so intelligent - never ask your dentist to improve your sexual activity
Heydecke G, Thomason JM, Lund JP, Feine JS. The impact of conventional and implant supported prostheses on social and sexual activities in edentulous adults Results from a randomized trial 2 months after treatment. J Dent. 2005 Sep;33(8):649-57. Epub 2005 Mar 5. Read More
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